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  1. After many hours of thought, I have come to the conclusion that it is time for me to step away as a member of this clan. There have been some personal things I've been dealing with that take precedence and the lack of time I have set aside for the clan isn't fair to the community as a whole. As of today I hereby retract my membership and wish you all happy gaming and further growth as a clan.
  2. After many hours of thought, I have come to the conclusion that it is time for me to step away as a member of this clan. There have been some personal things I've been dealing with that take precedence and the lack of time I have set aside for the clan isn't fair to the community as a whole. As of today I hereby retract my membership and wish you all happy gaming and further growth as a clan. 

  3. Ok yall, i pitched an idea via a review in the forum. Glad to hear from yall! back to wedding planning!

  4. so for the game as to which platform, the trading and such is in my opinion better on pc, as well as the servers and party options. If you dont have a strong pc tho/ would just rather it on console then the choice is truly up to you. I just know more people on PC that play it which makes for easier party making. Cross-platform parties will happen later this year according to Psyonix's road map for the future updates. Personally i chose pc b/c it has a little more of a feel. Totally your preference though bud.
  5. Hope yall are doin well, I have missed ya. Hoping to be able to be around more, just sortin stuff out. Gotta love life.... lul

    1. Neuro


      Hope all is well. Still here :)

  6. Rocket League ​Type of game- Sports/ Car Soccer ​Cost- $19.99 USD ​Available platforms- PC, XBOX 360, PS4 ​This game encourages teamwork play, which when done correctly can lead to some of the best satisfaction and rewarding feelings. The concept is simple: Car + Boost + soccer ball/hockey puck/ basket ball + Teams= Hilarity and solid competition. If you like sports this game takes you out of the monotony and throws a twist into it. Many cars to choose from for you to get your style, tons and tons of customization options from wheels to paint skins/decals, to hats and more. You can get ultra rare items that everyone is yearning for and trade them, the community for the game is growing rapidly. Loot crates if you're into that stuff, so I recommend you be careful not to dig yourself a hole. The trade scene is awesome in the game/community and crates can be traded for items, just gotta find the right person that has what you're lookin for. Some Pros' -Good community -Challenging and Rewarding -Teamwork based (HEAVILY) -Updated regularly-ish, game is still growing! lots of things can happen! -Dev's listen to community feedback -Growing community Note- This game is a full game, but is still having game modes and such added to it over an extended timeline. I have played 254hrs of this game. One of my favorites so far, tons of fun with friends. Has the option for private party games of up to 4players per team. Different settings for powerups/ vanilla or even super bouncy ball. It's a different game from the typical shooter side of things, it's growin fast, and has a more lighthearted feel.... when you're not getting super competitive.
  7. I apologize for the hiatus, i've been reaching out in other games with some of my friends that stream on twitch. People are taking interest in the clan and recognizing the tag from their COD4 days :)

  8. Thank you all for the promotion, was very unexpected.

  9. Cant wait for a lonely thanksgiving

    1. Flible


      Not sure if sarcasm. I'm about to have the loneliest Christmas, followed by a New Year's celebration with my Anatomy and Cell Biology courses.

      If a brother dies on the 1st of January, you know that marks those celebrations for the rest of your life.


      Either way, I hope you're gonna be fine.

  10. Everyone keep pabbatt blue and his fam in your thoughts! Hard time for them today :/

  11. New blog is up for teh eyeballs

  12. Howdy folks! Been a few days, I know. My consistency has gone out the window and I apologize to those of you who take the time out of your lives to read my random babblings. So I'm currently engorging myself with a large pizza and cheesy bread, and a 2 litre of coca-cola. Not healthy I am aware, but due to my active history/lifestyle I require about 4000 Calories a day or else I become lightheaded and all around dont feel good. Ugh main problem with that is when i grocery shop for just myself it costs about 400$ per trip which is about once every 3-3.5 weeks. My favorite meal: Jambalaya with Andouille sausage. Also, kinda depends on the time of year... Xmas time and such i really like chicken and dumplings. Or some reallllllllly good from scratch chicken noodle soup/ beef stew. What are yalls favorite meals?? I wanna get to know yall as best as possible because who knows, we may end up running into eachother without even meaning to ... would be one hell of a meet and greet lol. Hope yall are doin alright and keeping your spirits up. If ever yall need anything/ anyone to talk to just let me know and i promise to do whatever it is i can so as to help. Take care yall, until next time!
  13. It's great to boot up insurgency for a few rounds and see our FA#1 server full of peeps, great feelin for sure

  14. this awful thing was the first mobile phone i ever had xD and it technically wasnt even mine but my parents lmao this was right before Cingular became super popular
  15. Tuppy, I'm deeply sorry for your loss :/ wishing your family the best during this time,

  16. hey i think i found the right forum lol if i havent please fix me. i found a map that would be pretty cool based off the looks and its quite highly rated http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1194875426 its a good change of scenery for close indoor style almost swat feeling
  17. New blog is up y'all :)

  18. Howdy y'all, I know it's been a few days since i last posted. I have been both extremely busy and quite tired after work. Anyhow, this is whats been up: a friend of mine is pregnant, a buddy just returned from deployment, a divisional dinner tonight at Sushi King in Norfolk, and still no real progress on the healing of my leg. I'm being referred to Orthopedics for MRI's and further testing/therapy. Also, i took it upon myself to become a better individual by enrolling in telecom style anger management. I'm starting to see a change for the better. I've been playing INS again which is a nice switch from the DOI and Stellaris binge I've currently been on. Finding a lot of non clan regulars who think its awesome we as members jump in alongside them and play. It's very fun to answer their questions and listen to their feedback about how our servers are their favorite hands down. Talk about a good feeling! So, this post, its for all of yall that make it possible to game on such well maintained servers and allow so many people a great friendly environment in which to be themselves and enjoy these awesome games. Lastly, I would like to thank all of the Veterans, Active Duty, and Reservists for their service. Tomorrow is Veterans Day in the States, and Remembrance Day in Canada. For those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, risk that sacrifice, and support your country and your familys, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm proud to serve alongside you all whether it be for the Stars and Stripes, or the Red and White, thank you. Take care folks i'll see you on the servers
  19. Well, wont be beta testing the new update for Stellaris, however, they were happy to hear people are interested in helping with feedback and said to stay in touch *shrugs* win win in my book

  20. I see your concern. I think custom by XP is determined with workshop maps and such, not by config. but as a description of Custom, yes, because we (being yall smart pple that code and such) would be tailoring it to a specific setup. I think config wont affect XP gain, only if we were to add maps/ other types of mod material similar to that. I dont truly know enough about it though, however next time i speak with J i'll ask him what is determining factor.
  21. Auto adverts on INS servers are good, showing face is better, just played a round with several non clan regs that thought it was really cool of us members to join in the fun and see how things were doing/hear their feedback on server :)

  22. Progress at all cost, is progress for the wrong reasons.

  23. if not twenty maybe somewhere like 12-14ish?, and the commonwealth vs wermacht isnt considered custom, as the base game has all 3 factions playable, it would just be an alternate version of a vanilla server. the main thing that would make it considered even remotely custom is the adjusted times/difficulty/equip points.
  24. @Raziel i think for 1: its so we dont have to go with just a shovel and our main gun at times, 2 for some variety/maybe because the commonwealth weapons are more liked on broadscale?, and well 6, i guess ties into the overall higher difficulty he's goin for, and the added time to actually capture something. Taking away the run and gun feel for quick rounds and making it more of a battle so to speak.

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