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  1. Man wish you all the best for your Birthday! Remember you as 1 of few top dogs admins back from my activity days and hope you rock in RL like you did here. TC & enjoy life!
  2. May the force be with you if you take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night 😉

    1. daredevil


      haha i have done that once!! :D 

    2. Eazy


      Man, you re in for a shitty night 

  3. Hey dude! Glad to hear you settled down here. Does it mean 2 of us can arrange booze much easier now?
  4. Whow!!

    Forum looks so good (better then I remember) and sparky!

    Big shout-out to all "oldies" that still hang around.  😁

  5. Since you summoned me from hibernation (got notified about your quote), will try to see if I still know how to post/reply/quote xD...... Great to hear that Jay3 got deserved love from admins but man you quoted 7 months old post, guess things were a bit different back then Cheers!
  6. Hey Ho peeps!

    So great to see F|A looks even better now 🙌... it's been awhile though.

    Just jumped in to say Hi 👋

    Now quick jump to reply to guy who summoned me by quoting my 7 months old post. lol

    1. Smileyyy


      Great to see u here!

    2. CheepHeep


      Gonna be quoting you a lot more if that's what it takes to bring you back hehe. Shhh don't tell him how to switch off notifications! Good to see you here mate.

  7. Hi F|A people! As we all write our own scenarios in this movie called life it's time for me to change mine "a bit". My F|A travel has been short and sweet for me but it's time to put all my focus on some other stuff now. There are some things that I can't/won't prolonge anymore so I have to make big cuts and ET is something that comes naturaly, with some other stuff too ofc. My family, health and my company all need some fine tuning and boost from me and I decided to give my all there. Had a realy great time both in game and via discord with some of you guys. Even had a chance
  8. Am and will be off for a while :(.. rl makes interesting scenarios. Cya all around soon, I hope.

    1. Rolan001


      The FA force is with you my friend/brother <3 <3 we will wait for your return :)

    2. Platonic


      Enjoy rl. We will be here when you realize rl is just a magic trick :D

    3. audrey
  9. Downloaded game after 8-9 months of inactivity. Might jump in for a visit when I reach min trophies needed.
  10. Cheers to guy who 1st approached me on F|A servers!! Congrats on full membership Madman!! Paaartyyy

    1. Madman


      Ty m8 but i miss you online stop be so busy :D:D cya on m8 :D:D


  11. Deep doubts, deep wisdom; small doubts, little wisdom.
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