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How to use ET Minimizer. - Enemy Territory

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Program download link --> etwc.zip



To use this program, simply place the .Exe file onto your desktop (or Anyplace you can run it quickly)




Run the program, then you will see this box pop up:




Here you can setup which key press combination will minimize Wolfenstein ET. I personally have Control + A.


Make sure to remember this combination 


Once you have setup which keys you will use to minimize. press "Enable Hotkey" and the program 

will go into your toolbar area. ( if you need to close it for any reason right click and exit)





Then your all setup,  just run ET and Use the key combination to Minimize the game as you wish.

You will have to repeat this process each time you power off / logout, but it will remember your Key combo so you just need to press "Enable Hotkey"


IMPORTANT NOTE: Use the same key to bring the game back up or you can cause the game to come out of full screen mode.

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