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  1. Fighter

    ET Donations

    Thanks that you want to help out to keep the server alive! I really appreciate it. I you like to donate you can use this https://fearless-assassins.com/donate/make-donation/ If you are on the main page of the forum you can see on the right site the donation amount also you see the target what we would like to achieve. Also you can post you donations here Someone will confirm it.
  2. Happy Birthday mate Enjoy the day!
  3. It still works. If you use a minimizer the program goes down in the line, i am sorry i can't explain it well. It directly shows my home screen or other open stuff. If you use ALT + Enter the window/frame just gets smaller ET reloads like a vid_restart it does so in my case.
  4. There is a different between the 'white' and 'black' version? I am still using the 'black' version. And it's working well on WIN 10
  5. Hey my son Mama is still proud of you Welcome mate nice to see you here Enjoy our forums
  6. Forgot our newest Trial @All please give me your opinions, also with some suggestions. I will make a list out of it and discuss it with barnie
  7. Can we please fast remove maps like tron, pacman, NBA, Golden Dunk, pong.... It's way to much of those weird maps. It's not helpful for the server as it gets empty really fast and players are annoyed by these maps. We should try to get a stable rotation with good maps. And not change the whole rotation all the time itself. Maybe just change a few maps. We need to get a basic structure. Maybe we can work this out with some Jay3 Regulars. @Vegito @GHARIB @pain.low @kYmo @Chef<3 @karopl @Flag @Dannyrules @IKill @alala @Syroox @Puni @Sphalman @
  8. I am proud pf everyone Some of those are leader or co-leader today. I am sad some went inactive. But everyone was worth it
  9. I am a bit late but happy birthday mate
  10. Welcome Back on the forums Nice to see you here
  11. Yeah congratz mate !!! 

  12. Congratz my friend ! 

    Well deserved 


    1. Fighter


      Thanks mate :) 


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