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  1. Would be nice We had a Sniper Game day on Jay3 or something like that. Ann! added some good maps and it was really fun to play them
  2. Hey mate First thanks for changing the rotation. I would like to see And maybe think of using normal baserace map where panzerwar is off?!
  3. As it is on NQ1 i will be there (y)
  4. Sure you are right. The rotation is very important for the amount of players on server. That's why i like what you do with the perm rotation, good to have a lot basic maps on server. Guys don't know exotic maps anymore, which are also really good. But not played that often. I do like Keryra also 1944_beach so it's hard to decide for me which map should be taken off. If i got you right you will look into it and watch out for a map that haven't been played often the last days/weeks?! Falcon and Uje would be nice There were to many good maps. Guys doing some good suggestions on
  5. Hey mate ne again Got asked if we could add purefrag for Baserace also if we could add 1944 beach and falcon. Just saw that 1944 Beach got rotated out of the Rotation. I would like to see the following map
  6. congratz @Fighter?! well deserved 😄

    1. Fighter?!


      Thanks mate :) 

  7. Somehow i can't edit so sorry for double post. Check the second page and the explanation from @Snuffs99 I am sure it will help you!
  8. I had the same issue. Open the option center of your graphic card. there you can change if you use full screen (it will zoom to full then) or if you just play with this resolution and having black renderings. Can't find this post so fast will post the link later maybe i am at work
  9. If you have a disliked map which make the server empty feel free to post it here and i am sure we will find a solution. Everyone is welcome to make suggestions. Some don't do, but that is not a problem. Some also just like to go into a well feathered nest and come out of their comfortable zone when they dislike sth. So please @Snuffs99 is just doing his best. If we would have more guys to make suggestions and not only a few i am sure we could get a 90 percent happiness. Maybe you can take part as well and put in some suggestions. And to be honest some changes a
  10. You want to have one the Corsa's or the VW Polo? Well a Audi RS6 would be nice. Also i would be thankful for a Porsche 911 Turbo S or a Nissan GTR
  11. Pro on Jay3? haha... no I didn't saw your CFG but it will take long for beginners to change their settings to their advantage. And get used to it. It's not done in 1 day or 2 days. Also it's seems there was no structure in you CFG, thats what guys tries to explain to you... Don't even know why you use 2 CFG's. why it's neccassary?
  12. Thank you very much Would love you if you could add v2 Factory. Maybe take out praetora or Warbell. not sure
  13. First of all thanks for your work mate! I knew the stuff with amount of players but, if you setted them higher then usual it will explain why they are not shown for me when i am in game. I tried to take care of other suggestions posts too, also i case of my expierence on server, maybe you will find other good maps from Cracker or Siwex which you think they are quite good I appreciate your work
  14. Praetoria_m2 fa_italy breakout2_140 venice_ne4 capuzzo_final castleattack_b5 <-- good map never saw it in voting so never played UJE_00 <-- never saw in voting so never played warbell mlb_daybreak (DISABLED) why you disabled this? et_beach pirates teuthonia_final mml_minastirith_fp3 <-- never played, never saw it in voting flame-guards_arenafix <-- played once but not really good in my opinion adlernest et_mor2_night_final (marrakesh) fa_oasis caen2 cathedral_final library_b3 bas
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