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  1. @Eireannanl It's your turn mate This is what i talked about yesterday
  2. Do you use a 'Pizzastein'(is it really pizza stone in english???) ? Looks awesome will do Pizza at the weekend too!
  3. @Barn!e wants us to start from 0 again
  4. Hello Barker and welcome to our forums
  5. @Barn!e i need to be more online omg Not played El kef once... +1 for Falcon good choice @Chef<3
  6. You overplayed UJE_00 in the past? Since it got out of the first rotation on first page i never played it again
  7. Fighter

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #1 - Jay3 Call vote option

    I am not really for call votes honestly, as it is really abusive. And for the point 'players leave because of map' name these maps and we will take them out of the rotation. A map vote at the end of a map would maybe stop the debate about maps where players leave. I am looking forward for the other opinions
  8. https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/100-rommel-final-rommel_finalpk3-and-waypoints/ https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/430-v2-factory-v2_factorypk3-and-waypoints/ https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1031-el-kef-final-el_kef_finalpk3-and-waypoints/ https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/17-tc_-base-tc_basepk3-and-waypoints/ Few maps i would like to see in the rotation Mayber others could share their opinion Also possible: https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/602-convoy-final-uje_convoy_fina
  9. First of all thanks for the promotion. I am really surprised, i didn't see that coming. Since i got back and re-applied so much good things happened. I am also happy that the effort we put into all it was effective. Thanks to everyone for the help and support for all your effort you putting in, without every single person here the whole clan wouldn't exist, everybody of us is important in their own way. Special thanks to @daredevil wo gave me the trust and sets me back on fast track, i really appreciate it. Congrats also to @Professor Tony @r
  10. I wait for an invite for all this nice dinner you made omg Now the 'Chef' in you is coming out
  11. He is to bad to do soooo
  12. Happy Birthday ❤️ Enjoy your day! :)

    1. audrey


      Thank you! 🎀🥰

    2. Sparrow


      Happy Birthday! Ahoy

  13. Fighter

    ET Donations

    Thanks that you want to help out to keep the server alive! I really appreciate it. I you like to donate you can use this https://fearless-assassins.com/donate/make-donation/ If you are on the main page of the forum you can see on the right site the donation amount also you see the target what we would like to achieve. Also you can post you donations here Someone will confirm it.
  14. Happy Birthday mate Enjoy the day!
  15. It still works. If you use a minimizer the program goes down in the line, i am sorry i can't explain it well. It directly shows my home screen or other open stuff. If you use ALT + Enter the window/frame just gets smaller ET reloads like a vid_restart it does so in my case.
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