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  1. Helmsdeep is not a popular map. Most in spec no one play. Good amount of players at et more night final now 4 players per Team Same to ruins123 Don't know if we had password in past as suggested from Emily. But i guess it could work, good map! Also we could add SOS Secret Weapon once again? http://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/41-sos-secret-weapon-final-sos-secret-weaponpk3/ Wolfsrudel is also nice http://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1582-wolfsrudel-4/ if no snow version wanted http://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/915-wolfsrudel-3-fixed/ Could you maybe post a current rotation Anni? Thanks
  2. Do never say what you think, it's not welcome!

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      I'll be silent as all others in the future. Seems to be the better option.

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      hmm is everything ok mr fighter?

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  3. Whats xlabs? Axislab? Or something different? Not able to find with phone at the moement :/
  4. It should be like this yes. But honestly VW do not have more quality. There are some new things VW has before Seat yes, but i don't need this. Golf R and Seat Leon Cupra using same Motor. Same goes for Skoda and Passat? Do you mean Audi? Just have a look at the back lights from the new Seat Ateca, they are nearly the same Audi ueses for there cars. Skoda starts to use the too. The new back lights of vw, hmm i don't like them so much. It's also all a opinion of liking or not. We can have a 'discussion' from days over this topic Same goes to mobile phones iPhone or Samsung at the end it's just a thing which you like more. You can do calls with both phones I have waited so long, i will be patience enough to wait another year maybe. There is no exact info of when the Seat leom Cupra is available with 4 drive, they just can say in 2017
  5. You sound like my mum :D Well in all cases you are right, can't say nothing against it. But i will tell you the same as i did to my mum. This car is my dream car and i will buy it. And the bigger motor is for some reasons also good in our town (yes for some little races), also the 4x4 will be really helpful in our winters, we have a lot of mountains here and everyday i need to drive 2 mountains up Well also it's good for other reason And i like 4x4, thats why i also thought of buying a Audi RS3 with quattro
  6. Not really :/ The equipement is nearly the same. I have same stuff in my current Seat Leon that the Golf had to this time too! At this time there was a gap in quality. But now it is nearly the same too! And when i buy the cupra, the golf GTI will just see my back lights Also i got some insider infos i wanted to have, the cupra is available with 4 drive, which is really cool. But, i have looked for a Golf too. It's not the same feeling as in the cupra, this car is just awesome!
  7. Hahaha My current car is a seat leon from 2012. But now i want something with more horsepower The Cupra is a great car driven it last week. This package with 4 drive would be awesome.
  8. Hey guys, anyone here from spain who maybe has some more Infos about the new Seat Leon? Well i planned to buy the Seat Leon Cupra with 290 PS current type. Are there any big new developments on the new one? The normal Seat Leon gets the most things now that was allready available for the Cupra version. Well in some forums are speculations for a new Cupra with 4 drive? Would like to knew if there is something coming. Then i will wait to buy the new car. Would be good to get some infos :/

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