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  1. Maaan i love you I could remember i had some issues on my old screen but didn't know how i fixed it (not sure when it was could have been when i bought a new Graphic card) But this was exactly the way i have done it, i couldn't remember, damn me. I saw the SS and i know what to do. Thanks for remember me of it. I feel sorry for you, that you didn't found it earlier. Are the settings saved for the connection you use?
  2. Never changed it good advice. But even when i set it to 1600x900 the bars are the same. So seems to be a screen limitation. Topic can be closed. Thanks to everyone who tried to help out, thanks guys
  3. Native resolution is 1920x1080, same as on my old screen. As i said i have fullscreen on 1 But why the f.. it's not possible to play on 1600x900 anymore? It's a possible resolution, but my screen seems not to accept the change, even with fullscreen on 1. displayrefresh is already on 75 hz display is not running more. @Xernicus your explantion is soooo perfect nice to see you here I have done all the changes But i can't understand why it's not possible to play on my old resolution. On my old screen the native resolution was 1920x1080 as well. All worked fine, the resolution changed for gaming no problem there. It's possible that HDMI don't allow the change? I had a DVI cable before now using HDMI
  4. Know this... and works yes But want to stay on the other resolution. 1920x1080 was also the native resolution of my old screend and all worked fine there. Is there any difference between the usage of HDMI and VGA? Hope the terms were the same in english
  5. While loading: MODE: -1, 1600 x 900 fullscreen hz:59 is this max of hz? After doing what you wanted me to do r_fullscreen = 1 r_customwidth = 1600 r_customheight = 900
  6. Not changing anything in adding it
  7. forgot to say.. i already have this setting Well just check it by yourself i can't find anything autoexec.cfg
  8. Hey guys, nice to be back after this loooong time :D So i have a question. I bought a new screen 27". When i enter the server now, i have black edges on my screen. I play with a resolution of 1600x900. my r_mode is on -1 Anybody knows which settings i need to change to play on Fullscreen again? on my 24" screen it worked all fine before
  9. wtf why u left

    1. Puni
    2. Fighter?!


      Hope you guys were still alive :D

  10. Helmsdeep is not a popular map. Most in spec no one play. Good amount of players at et more night final now 4 players per Team Same to ruins123 Don't know if we had password in past as suggested from Emily. But i guess it could work, good map! Also we could add SOS Secret Weapon once again? http://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/41-sos-secret-weapon-final-sos-secret-weaponpk3/ Wolfsrudel is also nice http://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1582-wolfsrudel-4/ if no snow version wanted http://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/915-wolfsrudel-3-fixed/ Could you maybe post a current rotation Anni? Thanks
  11. Do never say what you think, it's not welcome!

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      I'll be silent as all others in the future. Seems to be the better option.

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      hmm is everything ok mr fighter?

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      And once it escapes through your mouth (or fingers), you can never get it back!

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