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About This File

Minimizor started out in minimizing only Quake related platforms but after several version updates minimizor 1.8 allowed for any DirectX or OpenGL application to be minimized.
The minimizor is helpful with games that by nature don't have a decent way of minimizing to the desktop. It supports any application that makes use of DirectX 5 to 11 or OpenGL.
This new version has been cleaned up a bit and has a more appealing look to it. Main changes to this version are the layout, moving location of the save files to your windows user profile, added support for directX 11 and fixed several bugs that had issue's with selecting the minimize keys.
If you run into more problems or got helpful tips let me know on twitter or on the contact page of idcation.
To use this program just start it up with no active application being focused using directX or OpenGL and set your hotkey, this can be done in the options menu. When you minimize the game you can get back to normal mode by pressing the same key or keys again.
Since version 1.8 it's possible to bind your minimize keys on Windows hotkeys like ALT + TAB, the order to make it minimize instead of giving you the Windows function goes like this:

  • Press first key
  • Release first key
  • Press second key
  • Release second key
  • Minimize detected.

This program has been tested on Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.
Install Note: Best is to uninstall old Minimizor and get a clean install of version 2.0, it's needed since this version saves the files on a different location. On a new install you have to setup your settings again in the minimizor options.
Minimizor, Copyright © 2007 - 2012 Mathijs 'Lightning' Hoekstra www.idcation.com