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Hello there!!

AG Pike1

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Just wanted to stop by and say hello on servers as AGPike1. Thanks for having great servers available! 


ET is such a great game my father used to play all the time when I was a teenager (24 now) and I use to watch him and tried to learn some moves,  he taught me the basics and stuff and I’m hoping to do the same with my nephews!!


I’ve had the joy to discover jay 3 server aka Begginers (that’s funny cuz level it’s surprisingly high, lots of great players), that being said I’ve tried to play on Jay 1 as well on silent servers and for some reason can’t connect got some kind of error messages like unpure client, client error and stuff I know this is not the right place to post about it but if someone can help me would be great! 


Looking forward to see you all on servers!




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Hey mate and welcome to the forums, hope you stay around! :)

I suppose this is the section where you could find help/post your issue to: https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/11-et-support/ 

ps. It would be great if you’d get SS of the errors you get

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Hey man, welcome to the forums! Thank you for your donation too!


I'd advise first taking a look around the forums. Just type in keywords from the error message you receive and check out the threads that it directs you to. Most likely there will be a solution available for you to try. ;)

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Hello, AGPike1. Welcome to our forums :hi

I have seen many people ask that how is this server for beginners :D Maybe its the beginning of becoming pro?

See you on J3 :)

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Hey there! welcome to FA. See you on Jay1 sometime I hope.

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