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  1. Hey welcome! So nice to see you here!
  2. Figure was about time to make a lil donation again, massive thanks! $20 3XA53084D9876252C
  3. Can we take river port away please not popular among regulars. It could be replaced with a good ol classic like rail gun would be nice! Suggestion
  4. Hey there, welcome to our forums!
  5. Welcome to our forums!
  6. Welcome to the forums. Stick around!! Some great games with you on jay 2
  7. Hope you have a great day, happy birthday!
  8. Are you afraid of them?
  9. Great rotation thanks El! I believe Password2 got -35 score so far not so popular among regular, also Bergen and Tankbuster got negative scores as well. +1 for baserace as proposed by @Solberg and maybe even though not of my fav personally but frag maps are being liked so maybe Chicken Bucket would be a nice add
  10. Von dunno if you remember me. But is great to have you back! Welcome!
  11. Back then when you could go to the beach any day, any time. Dammmmn I miss those days
  12. +1 agree got a lot of negative feedback/ votes. Maybe it could be replaced for Venice or Special Delivery
  13. Maybe we can have Capuzzo and Pirates back on Jay 2?
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