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The Best of Nicknames


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Well what are the nicknames that we have given people or changed.


For example GI JOE is known as JoJo

Someone will make you pay for that.. :rolleyes:


Well i can think of Gub gub and speedo.. :D

Dito. And not for Gub Gub.


How about Gubbi-Wubbi

That's lame!


Jaie's nickname is Fish Eye. He will tell you the story behind that if you ask him, I am sure!

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It's APEJoJo! :crazy



Speedo or Pinkie= Speedfact

Fintard= YellowFlash every fintard is a fintard => just saying


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No1 is allowed to call speedfact speedo! It's speedyyyyyyyy!


and gubbi is sexy beast gubbi.. but only I can call him that..or he's husband, or any other weird name, i guess möpse works too

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Complements of Corey


[contraband removed]

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