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  1. Any investment in any of the new games coming out or just gonna stick with the same player base that is slowly dying?

  2. Ooops guess when you buy 1004 iron bars to help grind your smithing level....

  3. Man needs help :/

  4. When you get called a smurf and then realise they're higher ranked than you :')

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Eggtato
    3. Bowly


      or maybe i can play with my friends acc, come ts nub

    4. Eggtato


      coming ish but no mic



  5. Health is good now thank you, my arm is back to its full strength
  6. Oi oi ladies and gentlemen, yeah the title says it all and i've never been good with this stuff But yeah you'll be seeing me around a lot more now, had personal stuff to deal with and had to just focus on life. I've got some chasing up to be done on 1 thing but the other stuff i'll find people or if people have any questions then they may ask me via pm, I will be welcome to answer any. What's new? Well i've got a new computer that can actually run 2016 games on full. I had surgery on my left arm around exam period time because of having a trapped nerve so they had to move the nerve thank god i'm right handed. My bro graduated from uni with a 1st and yeah got results day on the 18th of August and that's pretty much the important shit that happened over the last 6 months. And hello to all the new people to this community who don't know me, but if you ask around to most of the higher ups or members that did know me they'll give you this answer, 'he's a noob' and yeah you'll either love me or hate me, i'm just that sort of person hopefully more of you will love me Now where to start ET or CoD4 and may the spamming begin Wolfie
  7. Long distance...defo doesn't f***ing work

    1. NormanCorn


      I'll still love you no matter how far, boo

    2. m00jii


      Try close range.

  8. Don't worry still alive ;)

    1. audrey


      Mother of god wolfie :o

    2. Eggtato


      What can I do for you ;)

    3. Bowly


      still nub too i see

  9. Think that topic needs another bump 5 months now and still no answer.

    1. Bowly


      what topic?

    2. NormanCorn
    3. Pvt. Parts

      Pvt. Parts

      You mean the one that guy started?

  10. The decision making still sucks.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Bowly


      ye no, i realized shortly after i typed, tho i do not know why you left :|

    3. Eggtato


      Well ya know you can drop me a message on LoL whenever

    4. Bowly


      whats your name again, forgot to label you

  11. He's 32 send him back to school.
  12. This topic should be hidden just due to the pure stupidity of things said on a touchy subject for a lot of people.

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