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  1. ...now who should i annoy today?

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    2. m00jii


      Brains... HAHA

    3. speedfact


      Who said I was talking bout you two lol

    4. Kai


      We are venom

  2. Been camping in your closet sexy 😘..p.s. you need to clean up a bit

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    2. speedfact


      looking forward to it mate, will be fun to school you again

    3. m00jii


      I'm not that young, grandpa :D

    4. speedfact


      Ouch....just ouch

  3. lol crashing someone elses return thread, nice mate. Long time no see to you too. Shesh they're just letting all the crazies back in here aren't they? Think they miss all the fun of running an insane asylum
  4. lol oi who let this guy back in here? what up soul? long time no see. hope alls alright with you
  5. What up razor. Gonna give us an update? Seems like a misunderstanding, so let us know if he's having any problems still. Also not saying your kids hacking but one thing is for sure hackers are limited by age or anything lol. Anyways like Krayzie said just let us know so we can help work the problem
  6. hooker I see you stalking my page

    1. Wizbang


      Nothing to see here...

    2. speedfact


      uuuhhhmmmmmmm lol youre the new joe

    3. Wizbang


      Ain't got the time

  7. check the bottom of your screen. you might still be running the 1.6 patch even if you updated to 1.7. The patch might not have taken effect. Let me know if it says you are running the 1.7 patch. I check server and its still up and running on 1.7.
  8. hey hey hey i aint as bad as these two lol. I just havent been posting much lately.... Though on a serious note, if Dare posted in this topic it would become legendary
  9. .....too much bright red. my eyes have started to melt
  10. Think I caught up on all the backlogged shit I needed to do....not looking forward to doing the rest lol

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    2. RedBaird


      My "backlogged shit" has turned into a turd-loaf! :(

    3. Corey


      Speed can you take care of my stuff also please?

    4. m00jii


      Mine aswell! Thanks in advance speedos!

  11. ...I need to update that....why it was unpinned lol...Never got around to it though
  12. ...run a WinMTR and it can tell you if its your computer or your connection
  13. did you check the server listing...i know it sounds weird but if you can find it on the server list then you should be able to connect. if not there could be a couple other reasons
  14. Trails have the warn command right? Or do I need to fix that...
  15. Anyone else getting this when you search for something:
  16. my mom told me to never trust strangers. stranger danger stranger danger
  17. rotation updated! thanks to krayzie for all the help. Hope your girl aint too mad at you about all the junk on her mac now lol.
  18. lol thanks for all the birthday wishes nubblets
  19. ....what did I say bout the politics...you all were doing so well...
  20. Recently there has been an increase in controversial topics in the news section, which has led to more complaints and more arguing between members, causing me and other staff members to get involved in said topics. Look guys and gals, we have nothing against the news or free speech but you all have to remember this is a gaming community. Everyone comes from around the world, not just from your location. We are made up of people from different races, religions, nationalities and backgrounds. All with different stories or opinions. We need to learn to respect those differences. Dissing or taking pot shots at other people or countries is a bad idea. It just leads to useless arguing on forums and servers, which in turn creates rifts between members that are hard to repair. So please be mindful of what you post. Look at if from the other person's point of view and ask yourself if this is offensive or biased. If this could cause trouble or pain. I'm not saying stop posting, I am just asking everyone (users and members) to be respectful, mindful and kind to other users and their opinions and to state your opinion in a nice, respectful and mindful manner. We get that not everyone will share the same opinion about a topic but that doesn't mean that the opposing view is getting out of hand and needs to be dealt with. We also understand that sometimes people do get carried away and yes they do need to be reminded how to behave. We really do not want to start issuing warning to people who constantly go overboard in the news section but we will if we have too. This isn't just directed at people posting in the topics but those posting the topics. Remember we are a gaming community, most of our news should be focus on gaming technology, upcoming games, gaming events from around the world and fun and lively topics not just on politics, scandals and war. Opinion pieces are okay as long as you show both sides of evidence not just your side. News is about giving people both sides of the story not just one. Use multiple sources, check your facts and make sure the news you are feeding viewers is 100% correct. The best opinion pieces are actually pieces that take the other person's opinions and using facts and logic refute all the other opinions claims, leaving no room for argument. We can mourn for people and their losses but don't try put blame on someone elses culture. Ideally though we should stay away from news that can cause huge debates and strife and focus more on the good news. I am afraid that if topics about news keep getting abuse with negative posts, harsh comments and constant complaints, we will have to start locking before anyone can reply or even limit the content of what is posted more than we are having to do now. In some cases posts might even be fully removed from forums if the contents are found to be too controversial. So lets work together and start behaving in the news section before me or any of the other leaders have to start getting harsher about posting privileges and punishments.
  21. .................before this topic gets out of hand...like most politic/religious topics do...: no fighting, no dissing, no bickering or the topic will be taken down. Just a forewarning, not gonna do anything right now but just remember to keep it civil and what not.
  22. wont be able to make it...got work....but I think some of the other leaders will be there nevermind read the times wrong im working that morning so ill be able to make it...maybe...

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