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This topic is only to suggest maps for Jay1. Criteria for the map to be considered are: map has to be around 10mb in size, it has to be big enough to accommodate 50 players, if there are multiple versions please post a link to the latest version. If map is full of bugs or has lag/fps drops it will not be considered. Do not ask for stock maps or baserace. Don't post maps that don't have waypoints for bots unless you are willing to create waypoints for them.

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Just one question, should be maps from download section or could be alsto external maps?


Any external maps should be added to the download section first then asked for :) It's a little extra work but if you find a map that isn't in the downloads section then it's good practice to add it :)

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I would like to know why you don't like UJE. Because, actually, I believe this is the best map in the rotation (with Marrakesh):


- not laggy

- no fps drop

- no possibility of seeing the 2 sides camping for 30 minutes like on oasis, goldrush, supply (which is the main problem on jay1 imo), because it is too "open".

- all kinds of gameplay are possible : you like using mortar or sniping ? there are some good spots, if you know the map.

- This is the only map where axis are attacking.

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@Lista I don't like it, cuz is so long and boring, sometimes this map causes the server is empty, just my point of view. Not all the players see what you are naming, instead of that, most of them or are raters or play for obj.

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I can understand you don't like the map, but :


1) Time limit is 15min at the beginning. 10 min are added when the tank moves, and when it is loaded with the 8 fuelcans. Moving the tank is easy, but bringing the cans is not (isn't that a real obj btw?), which means that the map often ends after 25 min.

2) Nobody rates on Jay1, except Hellsing and Blacktail. Check the top 50 at TB.

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Like I said in the first post suggest maps I don't care which map you like or want to replace, JUST SUGGEST A MAP THAT FITS THE CRITERIA.

Ok, that map fit the requirements.

Sorry for the no sense comments. ; p

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I went through the download section and found a few maps I thought would be interesting and seem to be large enough for the server size.



Mechatronics- http://fearless-assa...do-4-etdo-4zip/

UJE] Airport (Beta 5)- http://fearless-assa...-airport-b5zip/

Alcazaba Asssault - http://fearless-assa...aba-assaultpk3/


The maps I feel should stay are Marrakesh and UJE.

The maps I feel should go are oasis, supply depot, and fuel dump.

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- Axis attacks

- No large open spaces

- tested the map as both allies and axis, found no bugs or whatever

- no small corridors so hardly any blocking

- only possible problem: filesize is 16,25 mb

- map is large enough for 50+ players in my opinion


waypoints which I just added:



Oasis is always getting burned by everyone, so replace that with this.


added screenshot with something worth mentioning.

Axis first spawn is right above tank to help them get started.


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First is Saberpeak - http://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/18-saberpeak-saberpeak-finalpk3/

I know it's been denied before but I'm not sure why, so I'm just saying it again because it's large, simple objectives and when it's brought up in game players seem to like it.


Stalingrad - http://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/135-stalingrad-stalingradpk3/

I still think this is a great map, good for sniping, simple objectives. If there is a problem with lag then I'm unaware of it.


MLB Egypt - http://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/403-mlb-egypt-mlb-egyptpk3/

Players like MLB maps and this one is easier to understand than Daybreak, but still large and fun. Axis attacks which is a plus. People are getting tired with Temple.

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