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Wurttemburg Beta 2

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About This File

- Allies spawn slightly further away from the tank than axis. it's a rush to either build or setup for a defense.


- once the allies have repaired the tank the axis spawn now becomes the allies spawn and forces teh axis back to the factory.


- The allies must continue to move the tank forward towards the factory gates


- Allies must repair the bridge to advance to the factory gates


- Blow the factory gates


- Advance the tank to the side and blast through the wall


- Allies CP spawn upon repair/construction


- H/A crates available near teh allies cp to help with the push towards the gates and ultimately inside


- Once the gate and the side wall have been blown it's time to steal teh docs and run them back to the transmitter (in an abandonded house near the intitial tank start.

What's New in Version Beta 2


  • -Fixed the HUGE second tank explosion bug
  • -Completely reworked the texturing. looks a lot better (imo)
  • - Re-did the lighting from scratch. was either uber bright or dark depending on your config, should be much better now - obviously looks best on stock config **my monitor has it's brightness up so might still be too dark - easy fix**, lots of the brick detail is lost on really high gamma and pic mip)
  • -Added cushions to the spawn points so you no longer lose health dropping down
  • -Redid the clipping on the trucks after it was found proning underneath them was possible
  • -Added various props and things, truck inside the latter area buildings and various other additions
  • -Blocked the spawn camping building next to allies initial spawn