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Stalingrad - stalingrad.pk3 Final

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Download PK3 Name: stalingrad.pk3

Map Name: stalingrad.bsp


The Axis have taken control over large portions of the Russian city of Stalingrad. In order to re-take the city, the Allies must gain control of a small neighborhood on the western side of the city. This area is a key strategic position, from which the allies hope to launch further missions deeper into the city. However, being aware of the importance of this area, the axis have placed two jagdpanther tanks somewhere within this area, which must be destroyed in order for the allies to move in their own tanks, and secure the area.





1) capture munitions depot spawn

2) build command post

3) destroy upper wall

4) destroy main gate to secure munitions depot spawn

5) destroy east tank

6) destroy west tank

7) prevent axis from building ccommand post/destroy axis command post




1) defend forward spawn

2) prevent allies from building command post

3) defend uper wall

4) defend main gate

5) defend east tank

6) defend west tank

7) build axis command post


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