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  1. Replacing Siwa Oasis official with Siwa Oasis Beta 3 has been suggested several times. Of all the FA servers having Siwa Oasis in their map rotation, B2 is the only one running the official version. May I ask why it has been ignored up until now ?
  2. I live near Paris and I use mobile data when I play. I connect my phone to my computer with a USB cable (not wifi !), and tbh the connection is pretty good. Just make sure you don't allow any app update when you play. This may be a solution for you as well, if you don't want to use your Ethernet cable. Edit : By the way, I play on a laptop as well : Gigabyte Aero 15v8 (i7-8750h, GTX 1060, 16GB ram, etc...), so pretty close to your computer specs. I usually play at 125fps, and I reach them 95% time, except when there are a lot of people and/or smoke, especially on Jay1.
  3. A couple of old (Xfire !) screenshots I managed to keep :
  4. Hello, You might want to replace any Siwa Oasis map you have currently in the list, by the SW Beta 3 version. Otherwise it's a farmfest for axis and a 30 min boredom for allies.
  5. Hello, you might want to check this youtube channel to find a mouse that suits you.
  6. How about closing it for a while and focussing on NQ1, which was repported to be in difficulty ?
  7. [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8smO4VS9134[/media]
  8. My grandmother's name is Nguyen haha
  9. Talking about massacre, here is a nice one : http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/diablo-iii
  10. You want me to debate his work on a videogame forum ? Are you serious ?
  11. I'm saying that there are too many approximations to be a scientific work. Cold fusion is not recognized by the scientific world, even as a theory, because every try to reproduce it failed and its demonstration has lots of flaws. Last time I checked, the spped of light is 300 000 000 m/s, 300 times what the author claims. Electrons move nearly at the speed of light, which is far from the speed of sound (340 m/s if I remember right). Unless, of course temp is near 0 Kelvin, which is not the case here.
  12. Your* Sorry, even me, a French guy who can barely write English properly, that made my eyes bleeding.
  13. Are we going to have a thread for every match you will play ? 4 topics about ctrl in 5 days ... Don't you think you're going too far at advertising ?

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