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Suggestion: NQ#2->Funquarter


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Okay guys since there's not active players on FA NQ2 i would like to suggest Funquarter,




This is a mod that runs on noquarter (and only noquarter) and replaces several weapons and adds some cool stuff. It recycles some weapon skins that you may be familiar with, however it FULLY adds them to the source code and game. The classes were changed a bit to provide new strategy and something different. This mod was designed for our frag and sniper servers. So now we are sharing it.


Weapons Added:


* M4 Carbine- Soldier/Allies (replaces plain sten)

* AK47- Special Ops/Allies (replaces stg44)

* Tesla Port- Special Ops/Allies (an original RTCW weapon that replaces flamethrower)

* Unsupressed Sten MKII- Soldier/Axis (added by noquarter)

* M3 Snooper- Specialops/Axis (replaces fg42)

* 12 Gague- Most classes (a reskinned version of jaymod shotty)

* Venom II- Soldier and Femme-Fatale (medic), both classes (reskinned and less fire delay)

* Chainsaw


Skill Rewards:


* Level 4 Light Weapons: Most classes get a chainsaw (heavy melee weapon)

* Level 4 Medic: SpecialOps gets medpacks


Other Changes:


* Elite Soldier class gets more grenades, and can supply their own ammo

* Femme Fatale class is an elite female medic that carries a venom and can also snipe

* Accuracy table updated with new weapons

* Limbo menu updated

* Kill announcements updated

* Most all references to weapons or classes updated

* Chainsaw has an occasional critical effect and gibs play instantly, also can overheat

* Uniforms and limbo menu are reskinned

* This mod was build on noquarter 1.2.4 source code, so it has some of the fix/features in 1.2.5

* When stealing a special ops or femme fatale uniform, the disguise is not 100% complete (you can tell by the face)

* Made shortcuts to !listplayers and !nextmap commands, it is now !li and !ne (like jaymod)


Iv'e been today on that kind of server and took some screenies,


Soldier class wep:






M4 Carbine,looks nice:







Medic and fdops class wep:






Engi with bar lol :)






and covert,looks nice also:







Tesla from RTCW







AK-47 :)







M3 shooting faster then mp40 with no recoil







something like fg-42







and some funny stuffs like this,
















So guys what you think about it,like it?

Would be perfect to have it instead almost empty server like nq2,

It doesn't mean that we need it but i think its not a bad idea,




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Link to download Fun NQ mod? Also, is it compatible with NQ 1.2.9 b6?




I can't find link,but i can try to contact the persons who made those servers,and yes i think there's not much difference then newer nq's



I have found that servers running this mod currently do with a1.2.4 - 2.55. I could not find servers running 2.6b.


Mod looks kinda funny :)




I've been searching also and i find out only 2 servers which running this kind of mod, a1.2.4


EDIT: Didn't know its nq revolution mod but that's it Stabak ty,that link is broken so dl it from here : http://www.gamefront...utionmod_b1_zip



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I love M3 Snooper, when I had not yet discovered this astonishing community was playing on a server (I forget the name) where there was a map and Cortex M3 Snooper with unlimited ammo and the fire rate is high fired 5 shots per second.

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Yeah,i wanted to create topic in 'download' section but i still can't :/

That map is exactly the same like on Unreal Tournament,personally i like it


So guys,should we try this?



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That really looks worth a try. Is it only me or does the map looks like one from UT?

It's a map from UT indeed, I remember camping with sniper for monsterkills there :P

Not a fun map in ET though. :P


PS: Good idea for NQ2 ^^

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