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i play on jay2 and it tends to crash and lag a lot nowa days , and its been a lot of complaints on the maps there and there's a post on the server to give our feedback .

so i think that market map should be deleted , it does the most lag of all maps and it crashes my computer sometimes and im sure other ppls computer too .

when u go toward a fight ppl start to warp and u end up spawning . i think that Vesuvius map should be the map to replace it , its a huge map which will cause less lag and less server crashes and its a map for all types of players (snipers , knifers , Panza's , anybody) just wanted to give a little feedback . :hi

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I thought we decided to add:


Daybreak in place of that market and add UJE back?




When it isn't rushhour on Jay2, a lot of times Marketgarden is rushed. I think that's another problem with the map.


How about Temple?


After adding temple you'll see people whining 'omg, what a laggy map', 'omfg, i hate that map'. The truth is, you can't please everybody.

On the side note, feel free to suggest new maps in here:


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