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  1. Now i can say he a rubbish fighter and he will not hunt me down and post video of the beat down on youtube RIP
  2. Tried r_primitives values no luck there Only time i have ever had issues with this game was when i tried to update new drivers it happened on my old gpu and now doing the same with my new gpu I tested all my games and they all working just ET playing up is there something that need to be turned off in ccc to play older games.
  3. its more to do with jaggered edging, screen tearing and keep getting black in windows and on players. its most be 100% to do with ccc and this being a old game there most be a setting in ccc which is making the game unplayable. my r_primitives has always been on 2 will try 0-1 now
  4. Hi guys i not been playing much ET lately i have issues since i got a new GPU R9 380. I always remember when i used to have my old gpu everytime i update drivers et would go to f*** and i would have to go back to old driver. So if there is any AMD users that knew the setting to use for amd catalyst control center for ET or if there any topics i have missed about this issue. Thanks Plat00n
  5. after doing some research this would not work both cards need to be from the same series
  6. Ok guys got a question??? I will be still needing to get a new graphics card can I run a Xfx 5970 black edition & msi Radeon amd r9 380 8GB in crossfire and putting the xfx 5970 black edition in pic-e slot 2 and run it in crossfire for less strain for its early retirement. Not sure on the crossfire on graphics cards since I have always had one card any help on this one guys. Thanks Plat00n
  7. My computer been down for about 3 days i tried everything from cleaning all dust out of system and thermal paste cpu and gpu and reseating everything in system. I found out from the beep codes it was the graphics card then someone told me you can heat up gpu with a heat gun and it will bring it back to life i was already looking at new cards and ready to order a new card so i will give it a go. Here what i did cover all the capaciitors which where at the bottom of the board wrap them up with tin foil and banged it in the oven for 8 minutes at 180c and let it cool down for 10 minutes then added the thermal paste back to the gpu then put it back in computer and hey presto started up. This will not work for everyone but if you think your graphics card dead and your ready to throw it in the bin its worth a try the heat gun a safer way if you have one.
  8. The things a dad will do for there kids for entertaining
  9. Nice to see so many people caring but its a sad day for Dare & fa family who put a lot of time and money in giving people so much fun in a game we love and it only takes one person to spoil it for everyone.
  10. I been gaming with you guys for over 10 year and it a big shock to me but he was the reason i left fa all those years ago. How long you giving him till you remove admin and his account or you still hoping he will come back ?????
  11. I would like to know this to ??????? Everytime i update gpu to laters driver i get crazy about of screen tearing this only happens in et and i never could find a fix in the end then i have to back date my driver to get game working again
  12. why can i not find a dislike button on here like youtube :)

    1. TheJuice


      because unlike youtube, here we're not owned and run by multi-billionares. if you can find a way im implement it into the forum without it glitching everything else, and working flawlessley then im sure site admin's would consider it, but with the ammount of work they're already doing.... u got no chance of them doin it themselves i think.

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2LInrKn1hE LOL Awkward what a f*** up
  14. =Plat00n=


    Just having a chill out morning listening to some Pink Floyd The Wall disc 2.It reminds me when i use to walk to school when i was a kid.

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