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MLB Egypt - mlb_egypt.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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MLB Egypt - mlb_egypt.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: mlb_egypt.pk3

Map name: mlb_egypt.bsp



Axis attack on this map. They spawn in a wooden hut built on the river of a canyon. They have a boat to repair and escort along the river, going along ruins and borken pieces of architecture.

In addition to this, they can use an underground tunnel that goes all along the river bed, providng an alternate sheltered access to the objectives... Along one of the river bends, allies have a damaged flood gate to hold. Axis have to escort the boat to the flood gate, repair the generator that drives the gates and toggle the levers to open the gates, let the boat in, flood the gate then open the upper exit.

Once the flood gate has been passed by the boat, Axis get a new spawn in that area. The boat thenstarts the last section up the river, going by a town in ruins before reaching the temple entrance. It finally stops, rotates it's gun and breaches the temple main entrance...


The boat is now no longer necessary... Axis will now have to access the main pyramid entrance. They have another door to dynamite to get there before having to get hold of a box of shells, build a gun, load the shells on the gun and breach the pyramid entrance... The next step takes place indoors. While allies attempt to hold the door leading to the sarcophage room, axis fight their way in the pyramid tunnels,using every path they can to reach the objective. The path to the objective room is large and short, meaning

axis forces easily invade the area. On the other hand, after having stolen the gold from the sarcophage room, they have to return it to the woodden barracks where they initially spawned at. Being unable to walk all the way back to the boat and down the river again, they have to breach the allied barricades to escape directly through the ruins protruding over the canyon...

mlb_egypt waypoints.rar

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+1 for jay1. MLB maps are good and though Temple works fine on the server, it's getting old. The objectives are not as confusing as Daybreak in my opinion. I think the players would enjoy a change.

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Jay1 really needs a change. Long time since the last maps change. I see a lot of people asking for new maps.

This one would be a good addition, requested it a long time ago :P

Still +1.

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What you think about putting this one to jay3 instead of Baserace for example? I see people leaving after Goldrush when Baserace map comes up. Could either be that people are tired after 30 min Goldrush or that they don't like Baserace.

A new map would not hurt on jay3 I think.

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is jay3 crowd interested in objective map? i mean.. in egypt map there are 5-6 objectives need to complete to reach final objective.

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I think we have guys on the server who like to play objective. Of course the rater clans might whine about it, but we also have people on the server who are not playing for rating.

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I have played this map many times, there's some months ago.. And it's a good map for players who likes to play for obj, for snipers (long distance) or for rating.. The only one thing to add, is that it seems difficult to go out of the first spawn when spawnkillers have decide to besiege it and nevertheless in my case, spawnkilling with heavy weapon wasn't allowed.. However, a good map IMHO, and could be cool to add it on Jay3.. Like Gubb said ,indeed, lot of players leave the server at start or during Baserace..


+1 for me

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This map lags.. when somebody enters secret room and launch rockets... rockets kills players of both team .

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This map lags.. when somebody enters secret room and launch rockets... rockets kills players of both team .


this what Yoyo says,and nobody move to the boat ,to many snipers is a campingmap

Edited by DJ aka GDR DJ
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