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  1. I would like to post a demo. It says 'You have used all of the attachment space you are allowed. Manage Attachements to free up space." I click the link and there is no option to delete past media. It says I have used 122% or '118.96 MB of your 97.66 MB attachment limit.' How do I fix this? There is filter and sort, but no option to clear or delete old media. Thanks.
  2. Would you please make my account active. Also, I cannot find the 'contact us' feature on this new set up. I need to upload proof for things because I am not only being harassed by other players, but also by other admins.
  3. Come back to jay1 :)

  4. stop stalking and come on server sometimes


  6. Then you entered code wrong. Enter it right and you will be on the other side of the bars.
  7. remember to move clocks forward if you observe day light savings time

    1. RedBaird


      Yeah, there was no big notice about it on the front page of my local newspaper like there usually is!

  8. Thanks for new maps, much appreciated. Bergen final was just played and seems to cause server lag. A demo is on the way from Cata. When she would try planting dynamite, the lag would increase and the dynamite would just disappear. Other players complain that as you get near the tank to fix it, they also experienced heavy lag. I am hoping there is some way to address this other than removing the map. It does look enjoyable to play. I sent links to Cata's demos in a message to DD and annibal per redbaird's request
  9. Stop giving away my secrets. I love messing with the noobs on silent who think I am hacking by skywalking. There are other maps made by other developers "secrets." I remember on Jay1 seeing a door open on dam and NO ONE believed me until finally we figured out where to push. BBA Castle is the best
  10. Could you please add that if the egg floats when submerged in water, then it is a bad egg and should not be consumed.
  11. I will be pulling for the Falcons, expecting the Patriots to win, and picking my jaw up after this Lady Gaga performance. Patriots have a long history of cheating, its not just deflate gate.
  12. Feeling for our Canadian friends... you've always been my favorite hat!

  13. Come back )===;;;;;;;;;;;;;;> x.x

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    2. CheepHeep


      That came out wrong

    3. CheepHeep


      So did that......i should stop talking.

    4. RedBaird


      B0rR*4cH0 is talking on his CB?

  14. Danny has yet to be betrayed by love and I believe she will be sacrificed by the end of the series to reforge Lightbringer.
  15. I believe this confirms that Tyrion is Azor Ahai...

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