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  1. Would you please make my account active. Also, I cannot find the 'contact us' feature on this new set up. I need to upload proof for things because I am not only being harassed by other players, but also by other admins.
  2. Secret rooms

    Then you entered code wrong. Enter it right and you will be on the other side of the bars.
  3. et server suggestion Silent 1 maps

    Thanks for new maps, much appreciated. Bergen final was just played and seems to cause server lag. A demo is on the way from Cata. When she would try planting dynamite, the lag would increase and the dynamite would just disappear. Other players complain that as you get near the tank to fix it, they also experienced heavy lag. I am hoping there is some way to address this other than removing the map. It does look enjoyable to play. I sent links to Cata's demos in a message to DD and annibal per redbaird's request
  4. Secret rooms

    Stop giving away my secrets. I love messing with the noobs on silent who think I am hacking by skywalking. There are other maps made by other developers "secrets." I remember on Jay1 seeing a door open on dam and NO ONE believed me until finally we figured out where to push. BBA Castle is the best
  5. Cheep Tutorials : Boiling Eggs

    Could you please add that if the egg floats when submerged in water, then it is a bad egg and should not be consumed.

    I will be pulling for the Falcons, expecting the Patriots to win, and picking my jaw up after this Lady Gaga performance. Patriots have a long history of cheating, its not just deflate gate.
  7. Game of thrones season 6 seasonfinale

    Danny has yet to be betrayed by love and I believe she will be sacrificed by the end of the series to reforge Lightbringer.
  8. Game of thrones season 6 seasonfinale

    I believe this confirms that Tyrion is Azor Ahai...
  9. Game of thrones season 6 seasonfinale

    Thanks Jobba. Gendry is irrelevant at this point. His only purpose was to further other character's plot lines. He could have sat on the Iron Throne or died as a sacrifice for Stannis. Audrey google Azor Ahai or the price that was promised... you mind is about to get blown.
  10. Game of thrones season 6 seasonfinale

    How can you like Cersei? Yes, she is bad ass but at this point she is above and beyond the Mad King after pulling that stunt. I loved how Arya's killing of the Freys paralleled Bran's story. If you don't remember, here is a short version (I don't remember names): A King visited the Wall with his son and the chef killed the King's son and made a meat pie which was then given to the King. He enjoyed it so much he ate 2 slices. The 7 gods turned the chef into a giant white rate that can only eat his children. Bran's brother makes a remark about it being a cruel punishment for murder. Bran replies that they did it because murdering a guest under your roof is unforgivable. Danny's armada is ridiculous. If you haven't watched the episode pause it and stand up close to the screen because the number of ships goes back beyond the horizon. Does anyone know how long it takes to cross the narrow sea because Varys is a fast traveler. It is so hard to imagine back to season 1 when she was a beggar queen with nothing and now she is power posing on her way across the poison water. No, Jon is the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen. You are right that he has claim to the throne. He is basically Danny's cousin if I am using the word right. I think at this point we are to assume Gendry died sailing back. He couldn't sail or swim, no weapon. Also, did anyone catch how Tyrion told Danny she was like his sword... possibly Lightbringer
  11. Game of thrones s06e09

    That dog's head was huge and the way he just went in on Ramsey's lower jaw, well done!
  12. Game of Thrones S06E08

    So happy he has a friend that doesn't want to kill him. He never was a bad guy, just following peoples orders to survive. The rumor thing confuses me for the following: First time they showed the store room it had ceramic vases, the one exploding in Bran's vision has oak barrels. So I can see how this detail separates the wildfire made and used for the Battle of Blackwater. But if the same pyros made it and stored it then she should already know about it or where all it might be. Possible other explanation is the rumor being Tyrion is alive and "more" part could be that he is now advising Dany.
  13. Game of Thrones S06E08

    ok was boring &
  14. Game of Thrones S06E07

    If you are bored, you are missing a lot So many hidden eggs The hound had to return
  15. Arya: Who are you? Faceless Man: A man is not Jaqen H'ghar Arya: Well who are you then? Faceless Man: No one, and that is what a girl must become. Now check the title of the episode. Arya had to "die." If Arya Stark is presumed dead, then the person who was Arya Stark can now move about as a faceless man.