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i was part of bb clan - just sayin howdy


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hello all!!


well since this is all about me, here we go..


im male


300 pound gorilla

36 years old

and i want to be a pro bum



i became part off bb 2-3 years ago after playing on dow servers .. the bb clan called me UGD my handle was your_gonna_die.. but i had to take a leave due to moving to alaska and my ping was well over 999 so i had to go.. but alaska was just upgraded so now the ping is 50-250 most of the time..



but i have been playing on your servers by the handle of " I Die Well" i chose that name coz im so rusty at ET. i hope to keep playing on your servers for a while, but who knows when my next job pops up and ill head back out into the bush where each person is greatly out numbered by bears (something like 25-1 or so)

i dont know what to say, but a shout out to my bb homies!! and FA - thanks for a good server to get pwned on!

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Hi UGD. I don't think we got to play too much but I definitely remember the name. I remember reading about your move to Alaska. Nice to hear you can once again frag on.


Welcome and hope to see you around. :)

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I remember you :)


yup, i remember you and several names from many of the clans and they are still playing and still kicking a$$


about the pics of alaska, here is the link to my face book and im pretty sure that i have pics open to every one http://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=privacy#!/profile.php?id=100000467201485&v=photos

if it dont work give me a yell..


im still trying to tweek et so i can get more fps...... well im sure all of you know about the tweeks is there a good link to help me out? i find a tip here and there but its taking longer to find the tip than actually doing it!


pwn me later


take care

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