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  1. Happy Birthday MilkTea?!

  2. Happy Birthday MilkTea?!

  3. Looking forward to this far all the same reasons as OP. I'd LOVE a beta key if you still have some, screw getting a good start at a new job!
  4. Curry chicken, ketchup everything else!
  5. Thanks for the welcomes. Boise is really nice. Every place I've been has had really friendly and helpful people. It's also really clean. Haha yeah some bits of it suck. I actually lived in Pearland, less than 2 minutes away from 288 and 20 minutes to downtown (50 in rush hour).
  6. Hi, I'm basically a stranger around here after being completely absent for... a very long time, and so I felt like making an intro now that I'm getting back into the habbit (addiction) of Wolf ET. I'm a 22 year old guy, a recent graduate of the University of Houston with a B.S. in computer engineering. I had lived in Houston, Texas all my life up until 2 weeks ago when I moved here to Boise, Idaho. A very far move. I did so to take a job as a DRAM test engineer which starts in 5 days. It was a nice offer from a good company, and I liked everything I heard about the position. I've gotten fairly settled into my new place, but being on my own has left a lot of empty time on my hands. I spend lots of free time in front of a computer. There's a long list of games I enjoy. Right now I'm also very into the Malazan book series. I keep myself in above average shape (not hard to do) with sports and excersice. I use to be very involved with my old ET clan, the Blood Bucket. When it died out, I eventually and reluctantly applied to =F|A=. I stayed active on the servers and forums for a good while before school, friends, other interests, and life in general suddenly and completely weeded out my ET time. Based on my last forum entry, that was 1 and a half years ago! So anywho, I seem to be getting back into it for now. It's kinda lame SUCKING so bad nearly every map, but the thing that's brought me back which I haven't found in any other game is the community. I've found that there are still plenty of assholes, but there are still cool people as well. Hope to see y'all on Hardcore, and HAVE A GOOD ONE! -Tim, MilkTea, mt, tsiology
  7. Happy Birthday =)

  8. Happy Birthday KpZosarus!

  9. Happy Birthday jimbo!

  10. Happy Birthday MilkTea?!

    1. Spitfire


      Happy Birthday!

  11. technical interview aka getting grilled by industry professional over topics not specefic to my major. wish me luck!

  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiq2G0z9nn4
  13. MilkTea?

    I'm back!

    wb you gotta be online 7 all-nighters in a row to make up wasted vacation time m'kay?

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