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  1. The stomach of the deer, which ruptured/exploded when he hit it with his knife. Failed.
  2. eXs'.nAbish?

    mic problem

    Np, glad to see you have it workin now, see ya in game!
  3. Lol, so why wouldn't you recommend zoomdefaultsniper?
  4. Can't wait to play Etpro later, After playing last night, I belive I am now addicted to it :/

  5. Lawwllll I've seen that before, but was still funny as hell! Ha thanks for that! Btw ThunderCunt nice deer bro.. I should post some pics of the deer I've killed...
  6. Hey I tried sending you a pm, but being the loser you are, you have them ignored. -.- But anyway I was just saying join me on etpro later on i have found a pretty good server for me/us to practice on about a 6v6 its good fraggin, anyway catcha later F|AA.G

  7. eXs'.nAbish?

    Bad Scare.

    Roflmfao that's funny! Fail for guy in trashcan..
  8. I remember you from alonnnnngggg time ago, very annoying player, who never stopped whining/complaining about other teamates, got very annoying -.- hope that 2 year old stage is ovvvverr! See you in game guy.. "A dude is an individual, typically male, particularly somebody well dressed or who has never lived outside a big city." Best thing i could find...
  9. eXs'.nAbish?

    mic problem

    Actually You try to change your sens for it.. try something a lot lower than what it is now.. Ex: if its 50 try 25 or something.. And what is your output/input mixer? Do you have your drivers installed? *EDIT* nvm i see you have RealTekHD installed.. so idk, try to fix your sens...
  10. =0 Im sooo confused!!!! :(

  11. eXs'.nAbish?


    If you need a victim for EtPro, im down, I'd like to get better at EtPro anyways.. Just add me on xfire, or message me, killer123052 Thanks! .nAbish?
  12. Hey bro, sorry for disconnecting unexpectedly last night, my mom disconnected the internet. -.- ill help you with it today after school.


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