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Announcer lag


I asked for help on this at the FA discord server and was told to post about it here. I was adviced to add "+set com_soundmegs 256" to the properties, i did it and it didnt help at all. The lags come from example "objective destoyed" announcemenst but not from killing sprees... Next thing i was told to do was "snd_restart", and again it helped nothing. I guess at the discord they ran out of ideas but i would really hope for a solution becouse i lose 1 v 1s automatically on announcements and it makes me not want to play the game.


Thanks already for anyone trying to help!

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Before I got new laptop I used to have announcer lag too. Tried everything, had max values for all the com_megs, nothing helped.  Good thing was the sound only lagged the first time it played. After 2-3 maps in there almost was no lag.

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