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  1. I have near-far script that I use for long distance fights. //fov changer set fov90 "cg_fov 116; sensitivity 1.64; m_pitch 0.0151; cg_crosshaircolor green; cg_crosshairsize 50; bind CAPSLOCK vstr farnear; echo ^3NORMAL" set farnear "cg_fov 90; sensitivity 1.20; m_pitch 0.0151; cg_crosshaircolor cyan; cg_crosshairsize 30; bind CAPSLOCK vstr fov90; echo ^3ZOOM" bind CAPSLOCK vstr farnear
  2. What if you need to shoot at close-range? Also, don't you want to change sensitivity as well, when you change fov?
  3. I use both a lot and I honestly can't tell any difference.
  4. I like to compare aiming to drawing . The slower you go and the smaller and lighter the "brush" the more precision and control you have. I also like to use the smallest and lightest mouse I can hold, without my hand cramping. Also for the same reason. The lighter and smaller the object you move, the more precise can be the movement. Right now I am using Cooler Master MM711 ( weight 60g) and I have huge hands. You can barely see the mouse when I'm holding it. If you calculate eDPI, I think you also have to factor in windows sensitivity. If we agree that the baseline (1) is 6/11, then we ca
  5. The thing is, when you play ET, you will spend maybe 50% of your time actually tracking and flicking. The other 50% of the time you will wait for your respawn, run to action and to other no-shooting stuff. If you play Kovaak, you will spend 95% of your time actually tracking and flicking. So, yes, you will improve only playing ET, but Kovaak will help you improve a lot faster.
  6. Yes, this is the best way to get better aim in ET. I have total playtime in Kovaaks about 24 h and my acc has gone from stable 35% to stable 38%. Just make sure you practice different scenarios and make sure you have the same fov and sensitivity as in ET. Easiest way to be sure is to measure how many cm is 360 degree turn in game and in Kovaaks. I dont play Kovaaks anymore beacause Im happy with the acc I have atm, but if you dont mind the grind you can improve a lot. Just play regularly and you will improve.
  7. My intention was to shove him off the truck, not to kill him. I don't even know why he got killed. I guess it was bug or smth.
  8. I appreciate positive feedback guys. Here is another one!
  9. Before I got new laptop I used to have announcer lag too. Tried everything, had max values for all the com_megs, nothing helped. Good thing was the sound only lagged the first time it played. After 2-3 maps in there almost was no lag.
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