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  1. My intention was to shove him off the truck, not to kill him. I don't even know why he got killed. I guess it was bug or smth.
  2. I appreciate positive feedback guys. Here is another one!
  3. Before I got new laptop I used to have announcer lag too. Tried everything, had max values for all the com_megs, nothing helped. Good thing was the sound only lagged the first time it played. After 2-3 maps in there almost was no lag.
  4. I like the empty Corona bottle with some lime in it. The man has style!
  5. Yeah guys, can we please stop talking about Ventrilo and Big Bang Theory and keep it on topic. I`ll post new video today.
  6. Back in the old days, when FPS was an issue, I turned it off. But now I'm just used to it.
  7. I believe the correct term you are looking for is clanwar (CW)? There were official CW-s and practice CW-s. Anyways, I'm trying to produce funny and interesting ET related content in youtube, so plz don't be hatin'. Here is reason #3
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