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  1. If I join F|A RECRUITING XP SAVE with: cl_timenudge 0 my ping is 128 cl_timenudge -50 my ping is 98 With cl_timenuge -50 the server sided lagometer bar turns from blue to yellow.
  2. Yes I am asking you to temporarily get rid of the high ping players. Having good or bad netcode has little to do with the issue. It helps ofcourse but is no way a gurantee. It's all about the server side capabilities. You can have the best server with the best code on it with the best netwok connection but still get DDoS-d. It might take a lot of brute force but still. This is basically what we might experience here. The server can't handle a lot of connections with high ping and latency.
  3. Well, I dont have any actual scientific evidence for my claims. All I know is that when a high ping player joins the server pings of all the other players go slightly up. It causes small problems when there is one or two high ping players but the more such players join the worse it gets. It is obvious that server has problems dealing with many (at least 4 or more) high-ping players. I have never experienced netlag when Im in the server alone or with few other normal ping players. To prove of disprove my theory would be quite easy. Just get rid of the high ping players when there are a lot of them and see if it has any effect on the server and pings of other players .
  4. Hello Can someone please set a maximum ping limit to a player. Right now people with 250+ ping are joining and making the server lag. I think 150 should be the absolute limit. Yes the server might loose few regular players but it will improve the overall enjoiment for the rest of us. In the long run this will help enlarge the playerbase. 10 minutes ago we had 3 x 250+ ping players ( one had 400+ ping at some point!) and the server was unplayable and because of that me and many others left. I hope something gets done about that.

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