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  1. I'm sorry, I don't mean to highjack this topic but you move a lot faster and jump a lot higher and futher with 125 fps. Other good numbers for com_maxfps are 43,76 and 333. So your game will actually run faster with 125 fps than 160 for example. This video will explain things better
  2. I can understand that you took this screenshot while being a spectator. I was wondering how they (coverts) got up that hill. Why would you set your FPS anything else than 125 or 76?
  3. 1) How do you even get up there? 2) Why is your FPS set at 160? What kind of weird ass number is that?
  4. I have used ET legacy as well and as far as I know the fov is same in Legacy ET and in normal ET. The mouse feels different in legacy ET because ET legacy supports direct (raw) mouse input and normal ET does not. I use the same fov, same config, same everything. I copied my original etconfig and pasted it in all the profile folders.
  5. These kind of scripts are actually in use in other servers and they work really well. Why are they not implemented in FA servers?
  6. But then they would get a warning, like in case of breaking any other rules. After that another warning, maybe a temporary ban and so on.. If you state the rules clearly then people have no chance but to follow them. If rules are clear then people will be peer pressured to follow them.
  7. I did switch teams, after I called out many times. I ALWAYS switch teams. Sometimes I switch 2-3 times during one map.
  8. Please answer this: If one team has 9 players and the other team has 6 players and nobody switches, even if asked repeatedly, then who are you going to punish for breaking the rules? Nothing will make the teams always even, but it will make things better. I think everybody will agree that 7 vs 8 is more fair than 9 vs 6. So it will become a responsibility of the players in the weaker team to seek help against abuse?
  9. Ok, I kind of agree that making new players responsible for switching teams is maybe a bad idea. But saying that everyone should be responsible is even a worse, because if everybody is responsible then actually in reality no one is. Breaking the rules should have consequences. Like I sayd you can't hold the entire team accountable for team stacking. I have lots of complaints against so called high skilled regular players for team stacking like Elk, r0p, and some others, I cant remember them all atm. Every time I ask some high-skilled regular player to switch teams to even up they laugh at me and tell to f*** off, basically. They just don't give a damn. Trying to even the teams by skill wise is also a slippery slope, because its hard to determine for sure who exactly is that skilled player who has to switch. So maybe change the rule that the highest XP player has to switch. The fact is that these so-called high skilled players don't give a f*** about even teams, they only want to frag. I will start making screenshots of these cases, you will see what I mean.
  10. Team stacking has always been an issue on FA servers. I have an idea that might reduce this problem. I'm sure that right now there is a rule that states "teams must be balanced etc..", but most of the players don't seem to care about that and enforcing that rule is almost impossible because you can't warn or ban the entire team for team stacking. What I propose is that we change the rules as follows: "if teams are uneven, the player(s) with the lowest XP from the team with more players has to switch teams, until the teams are even". That way it is clear who is responsible for fixing the teams and admins can then enforce this rule. It will be clear who is actually breaking the rules. If the player with the lowest XP is not willing to switch teams, then we can make screenshots of this behavior and those players can be warned, temporally banned, etc, for breaking the rules. Yes, I know that XP doesn't show real skill or what ever, but at least that is some kind of basis for fixing the teams, since FA servers don't have auto balance script, that a lot of other servers have.
  11. Thanks for trying to help, but that is not the problem. I have windows mouse acceleration off. And Im using The MarkC Windows 10 + 8.1 + 8 + 7 Mouse Acceleration Fix. http://donewmouseaccel.blogspot.com/2010/03/markc-windows-7-mouse-acceleration-fix.html
  12. Hello I have noticed that my mouse sensitivity feels different in different mods. I play silent, NQ, jaymod, ETpro and Nitmod. I have to change my sensitivity between 2.0 - 2.2 to get the same feeling in different servers (mods), although I use the same config, mouse, laptop, etc. Has anyone else noticed this or is it all in my head?
  13. If I join F|A RECRUITING XP SAVE with: cl_timenudge 0 my ping is 128 cl_timenudge -50 my ping is 98 With cl_timenuge -50 the server sided lagometer bar turns from blue to yellow.
  14. Yes I am asking you to temporarily get rid of the high ping players. Having good or bad netcode has little to do with the issue. It helps ofcourse but is no way a gurantee. It's all about the server side capabilities. You can have the best server with the best code on it with the best netwok connection but still get DDoS-d. It might take a lot of brute force but still. This is basically what we might experience here. The server can't handle a lot of connections with high ping and latency.
  15. Well, I dont have any actual scientific evidence for my claims. All I know is that when a high ping player joins the server pings of all the other players go slightly up. It causes small problems when there is one or two high ping players but the more such players join the worse it gets. It is obvious that server has problems dealing with many (at least 4 or more) high-ping players. I have never experienced netlag when Im in the server alone or with few other normal ping players. To prove of disprove my theory would be quite easy. Just get rid of the high ping players when there are a lot of them and see if it has any effect on the server and pings of other players .
  16. Hello Can someone please set a maximum ping limit to a player. Right now people with 250+ ping are joining and making the server lag. I think 150 should be the absolute limit. Yes the server might loose few regular players but it will improve the overall enjoiment for the rest of us. In the long run this will help enlarge the playerbase. 10 minutes ago we had 3 x 250+ ping players ( one had 400+ ping at some point!) and the server was unplayable and because of that me and many others left. I hope something gets done about that.

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