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  1. it seem both r off
  2. cant change internet provider try that all still the same
  3. been trying everything yesterday after i call my internet provider and make some new confgs from their side all seems ok but a the off the night all back to the same thing if this continuous i will stop playing eta im having any fun duo this problem
  4. i just delete the game saving only my etkey and install it again with this done improve a bit better but still have that feeling that thakes a lot to hit someone and tyring hs seem impossibol
  5. thats the max com monitor ccan support
  6. intel core i-5-9400f cpu @ 2090ghz nvidia gtx 1660 16gb windows 10 home 1º confg //Controls bind W "+forward" bind S "+back" bind A "+moveleft" bind D "+moveright" bind Q "+leanleft" bind E "+leanright" bind SPACE "+moveup" bind C "+movedown" bind X "+prone" bind SHIFT "+sprint" bind CAPSLOCK "+speed" bind F "+activate" bind u "messagemode" bind Y "messagemode2" bind U "messagemode3" bind V "mp_quickmessage" bind TAB "+scores" bind L "openlimbomenu" bind G "+mapexpand" bind ALT "+stats" bind CTRL "+topshots" bind MOU
  7. i already have that on my confg
  8. oliveirapt

    fps dropping

    well my fps is dropping a lot causing my image to "stop" becoming impossibel to play the game and unhit anyone
  9. nice to meet y keymo welcome to the foruns
  10. if you use nvidia graffics to fix that just go to graffic definions and change it im my case when enter et my image became more brighter from time to time due the updates hope i helped
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