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  1. Xonix

    Announcer lag

    I ask again: shouldnt cg_announcer 0 mute the announcer? I've done everything thats been suggested (hopefully right) and i still lag pretty randomly
  2. Xonix

    Announcer lag

    Okay so you said "seta cg_announcer "1" <-- Try changing this to 0" and "seta com_soundMegs "24" <-- Set this to the same value you use in +set, 256 according to your opening post." I did both and still lagged. Then i dont know if you meant to say this (what im trying to say is that maybe you put the numbers in wrong order?) "Or you can just open it with notepad, ctrl+f for announcer, and change the 0 to a 1." Then i tried that a few times, from 0 to 1 and noticed that i lag less, like every 3rd announcement. So not fixed but better
  3. Xonix

    Announcer lag

    I did everything you said poep and the announcer is somehow still not disabled, and i still lag at every announcement. Starting to think its becouse of this piece of shit laptop... But shouldnt the cg_announcer 0 mute it right away? Why is it still there? I dont think its that im doing anything wrong with the cfg, i can send you the modified cfg if you want to see.
  4. Xonix

    Announcer lag

    I'm even more noob than you with these cfgs, so do i put that to console or to the cfg file itself? ive never even opened it And okay, will bump it every now and then.
  5. Xonix

    Announcer lag

    Someone anyone?
  6. Xonix

    Announcer lag

    etconfig.cfg Theres my cfg, made by Smileyyy. My "computer" is a laptop and cant find the model or remember it, but here are the Specs what i can tell (not so good with computers): Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300HQ CPU @2.50GHz 2.50 GHz RAM 8.00Gt and 64bit windows 10
  7. Xonix

    Announcer lag

    Oh yeah i forgot, cg_announcer 0 was the first thing i did. And it didnt work Actually it doesnt even mute the announcer
  8. Xonix

    Announcer lag

    I asked for help on this at the FA discord server and was told to post about it here. I was adviced to add "+set com_soundmegs 256" to the properties, i did it and it didnt help at all. The lags come from example "objective destoyed" announcemenst but not from killing sprees... Next thing i was told to do was "snd_restart", and again it helped nothing. I guess at the discord they ran out of ideas but i would really hope for a solution becouse i lose 1 v 1s automatically on announcements and it makes me not want to play the game. Thanks already for anyone trying to help!
  9. I typed this fairly quick and pretty much told alot about my illness but... I am not only my illness but its hard for me to tell you something actually about myself but ill try more. I am a calm person but if you get me to lose it i am like a small animal in a corner... I'm "a chlid in my mind" but may seem "mature for my age" irl. Whole my life untill last year ive had many toxic persons in my life but now ive cut them off. I am free to breathe search for my way of being in this world. I have purpose in my life for the first time in my life and it feels great but at the same time, its alot of
  10. First of all i will tell things in a really random order so stay with me. Just by telling my first name you can find me on social media and im not sure if i want that so plenty of greetings from HenQ! I am fenno-ecuadoriano (if thats spelled right). I spoke only spanish to when i was 7yo, after that my parents broke up due to domestic violence. I know this is abit akward joke but ay breaking the ice! If you search a certain size of... Lets say mens equipment ecuadorians are the strong second of the world XD. The avrage height of an ecuadorian man is about 168cm, yet i am 192cm tal
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