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  1. Barn!e

    FA Servers

    Dont forget the basics in case one missing. Start as admin, 2.6b version etc..
  2. Thanks temple and transmitter are in. need 6 v 6 as a min though Castle is in and i am thinking about a panzawar baserace what do you think?
  3. I have never noticed this being a problem on Jay3
  4. wipe etmain of unused pk3's monthly as the game cant have more than 30-40 pk3's without causing lag. Unless youre using ETL.
  5. whats r_primitives and pmove_fixed set to? and this:
  6. Barn!e

    shooting damage

    FPS, packet loss, aim One of those 3.
  7. Im fookin 51 in 2 months :(

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    2. captnconcrete


      im fookin 44 in less than a month!! its hell getin old ....

    3. Nancy


      we all going there :)))

    4. Sasirou


      u all Old Paps 😛 

      let me to be the first one to say before its time Happy birthday dear Barn!e 🥰.

  8. No worries. i could do with a session on omnibot as i would like to fix a couple of maps. Snatch3 the bots defend barrier 2 when the truck is still at barrier 1 for starters
  9. Hi, Tried it today on jay3 and it looks nice and so on but omnibots are all heading to the waterpump or allies 1st CP. This was a problem with oasis generally for us so I use Oasis_EU as that set of waypoints works correctly. Its as if they have missed triggers as the axis bots all head for the allies original CP and the allies bots are heading for waterpump. Once the second CP is built for allies forward spawn the only bots on obj are engi and covert. I would recommend using the oasis EU bot files as starting point as opposed the original waypoints for oasis as they dont work very well. Great job on the map though.
  10. thanks for taking the time to suggest some maps. though.. Falcon is hated sorry as is cathedral will check out the others for waypoints etc
  11. yeah was thinking about that map again. not had it on in a year. I need to catch the server empty to del a few maps before I add it so gimme a couple of days.
  12. Barn!e

    Spawn time

    You cant that is set server side with map config files. Unless its your own server in which case its wm_axis_respawntime wm_allied_respawntime
  13. I find ETL randomly crashes without errors on some maps when connecting on Jay3. 2 things helped me running as admin and changing r_ignorehwgamma to 1 before joining the server. I also load jaymod in the mods options first then join.
  14. Thanks for suggestions: Cortex - big map and people leave when it loads V2factory - this map was on few weeks ago and again big map and voted down too much Praetoria - map was on until 2 weeks ago and people left when it loaded so i changed it out Minas - 1 hour map happy to add it but need it minimum 15 v 15 Cathedral - hated map too many down votes I am putting a lot of attention on maps that people like. I have less 30 minute maps as the quick maps are more popular. The problem with big maps like Minas is people have to run across a large map just to find someone to shoot at. When its busier then yes its fine but we need to build numbers first. Or people get bored and leave.
  15. Do you have DD's new ET.exe or the original 2.6b?
  16. Barn!e

    VPN kick?

    Hi, if you had responded on server no problem, sorry for kick we get a lot of haxxors using VPN. You are welcome to play.
  17. Barn!e

    VPN kick?

    No it was kick he isnt banned
  18. Barn!e

    VPN kick?

    Where are you based?
  19. No idea mate. I changed baserace boxes to women and added alien to CP.
  20. Ohh ok you do it and see you in 6 months...lol I have messed with models and skins but never tried mapping. I am scared I would get addicted to it.

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