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  1. Barn!e


    I remember getting affected by gamma correction somewhere on this setting. So i just bumped up r_mapoverbrightbits
  2. Barn!e


    whats r_ignorehwgamma set to? if its 1 try 0 and if its 0 try 1
  3. I am using 2.76 and no problems... Dont you have to add the pk3's from main install as its not included with legacy. Pak0 etc.
  4. Barn!e


    Hahaha as seen on CCTV
  5. Barn!e

    3 word story

    Everybody's dead Dave
  6. Remove the word usafe from this config as it will tell ET to ignore or not load that setting/feature unless you have com_ignorecrash 1 which I dont see in the above.
  7. Im on Holiday cya in August 😛

    1. ElEl


      Hope you have a good time bud :)

    2. Vindstot


      Enjoy it ^_^

  8. zz_4P.pk3 View File NQ soundpack Submitter Barn!e Submitted 07/08/19 Category Soundpacks  
  9. z_heineken.pk3 View File Heineken beer molitov skin Submitter Barn!e Submitted 07/08/19 Category Soundpacks  
  10. z-SoundsNP1 View File NQ sound pack made in 2012 featuring alot of funny vsays and war themed sounds Submitter Barn!e Submitted 07/08/19 Category Soundpacks  
  11. Barn!e

    3 word story

    to rival all
  12. Barn!e

    3 word story

    with full bellies
  13. Sounds like r_ignorehwgamma
  14. Always happy for a donation though to keep the servers
  15. Barn!e

    Weird lag spikes

    DD posted some mem settings somewhere and I think they might be capped. 256 is overkill but if its fixed...meh
  16. Barn!e

    Weird lag spikes

    sound lag then maybe whats your com_soundmegs set to?
  17. Barn!e

    3 word story

    or use whatsapp
  18. Barn!e

    Weird lag spikes

    Ask ISP for line check. have you ever used DNSBench to see if manually changing DNS helps? I would also recommend a spyware sweep and TCP optimser just to cover all the bases.
  19. Barn!e

    3 word story

    must eat it
  20. Female medic skins are very laggy and almost impossible to hit, just FYI. We tried them years ago and the complaints meant we reverted.
  21. Barn!e

    3 word story

    back of limo
  22. Barn!e

    3 word story

    flap like chickens

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