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  1. to play et im using a X7 at the moment but truly i played a lot better with a 5 euros mouse to bad they dont last mutch
  2. any news about the server cause im putting tripmines and i see the enemy passing on them and not blowing such as asking for medic/fieldops and im next to them and they run away
  3. your right this a new factory part off it (machines) came from spain to portugal sense we winn way less here then spain
  4. this is the where i work probably you know what they do
  5. oliveirapt

    Announcer lag

    try to check for updates manually one by one if you dont know how to do it you can check online how to maybe that some drive to need to update
  6. i just an ideia and now on we all can improve as y did, like you idea
  7. another good thing is tripmines only blow up or with the enemy or the eng who planted otherwise eng plant one and bots or teamplayers destroy it by passing
  8. i think the shuffle on the server only chance teams to one side to another basiclly is this what ive been seeing (my point of view) i think i prefer to be a clan friend or something and trying to help balance the teams beeing an admin cares a lot and i think im not ready to be on atm maps we can chance that if possibel like we play a map and we will be played after a few maps adrenaline reduce the time it last if a nornal last for 10s reduce it to 5s, bots after a number off players on the server the number off bots will reduce to half cause most them r crashing into eatch other on spwns or a
  9. this server i think its time to get more attention the shuffle command all it does is making teams unbalanced most off the time id like to be more helpfull on that part if possibel, maps we r always playing the same maps over and over making people leaving the server please need new solutions , adrenaline to me is another thing thats kills the server please reduce it or disabel mu opinion, bots they r to many on the server and they arent very helpfull too, lags im seeing a lot people lagging even with low ping ths for your attention best regards oli
  10. try in the new cfg that kendel give on your other servers and seems to be fine only on beg 2 that a have this problem ths anyway for all the help
  11. done e get a bit better but still got some fps drops but ths for the help
  12. sorry if not the right place but lately playing on beginners 2 im having a lot lags and fps drops im using an intel core i-5 9400f cpu @2.90ghz 16gb ram windows 10 home x64 edition nvidia g-force gtx 1660 my confgs 1 //Controls bind W "+forward" bind S "+back" bind A "+moveleft" bind D "+moveright" bind Q "+leanleft" bind E "+leanright" bind SPACE "+moveup" bind C "+movedown" bind X "+prone" bind SHIFT "+sprint" bind CAPSLOCK "+speed" bind F "+activate" bind u "messagemode" bind Y "messagemode2" bind U "messagemode3" bind V "mp_quick
  13. well i cant download new maps on beg server 2 all show 0 bytes

    1. RendeL


      You have set cl_allowDownload "1" enabled?


  14. my first cla was |lordz| then i join <=TM=> team muppet been there around 10 years recently quit, sense a was follow F|A facebook page i came in to try to play and i like to play here when i can
  15. me a great player im just a simple noob ths all for the worm welcome
  16. this is my second motorcycle aprilia rs125 2t 2008 hope you enjoy it as i do
  17. nice to see you to m8 ths all for the warm welcome
  18. hi to you all im new around here and your server beginners im from portugal im 37 most people call me oli on game name oliveira[pt] mostly play this game only for fun and trying to give the other some to ive been playing this game for long i remember see you on servers
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