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    how can put it working in one core have done that in the past but remember how its done
  2. oliveirapt


    and how can y do that
  3. oliveirapt


    i reduce my fps to 71 and seems to get better, at least i can play the game now ths all for the help
  4. oliveirapt


    got the new connection all good this afternoon ping 35-37 at night 168-170 and fps dropping impossibel to play
  5. oliveirapt


    intel core i5-9400f cpu @2.90chz 16gb ram nvidia gtx 1660 windows 10 i think its not my configs but the computer or internet causing this issues i will change internet provider to see if is that
  6. oliveirapt


    the game is becoming impossibel to play i lags/delays constantly or what ever is that hapenning, just reinstall windows from new got everything upated put a better connection and nothing seems to help
  7. welcome and your come to the right place to have fun
  8. your totaly right my bad so sorry for that at the moment dont think about it
  9. i did just instal drive booster and put some key that i found on the internet to have a pro version and after i run the program im pro version i got around 15 updaters to my computer i will let some codes that maybe still working in cause anyone want //EDIT: please do not post any codes on our forums. We dont allow illegal stuff happening here. RendeL
  10. doesnt work for me it gets worst then it is
  11. welcome and we will not kill that mutch if you dont lag that mutch to fair enough
  12. it seems your connection beacame week to play online games try upgrade to something better
  13. theres one thing for that to happen internet all depends quality connection and how far people live from the server
  14. can someone make me a new config please im not a geek im a simple player that likes to enjoy the game killing i think its the best thing to do
  15. sorry and ths i just set my graffic card to factory settings i will test it and tell you something
  16. // generated by ET, do not modify unbindall bind TAB "+scores" bind ESCAPE "togglemenu" bind SPACE "+moveup" bind , "vsay_team medic need a medic" bind - "zoomout" bind . "mapzoomin" bind 0 "weaponbank 10" bind 1 "weaponbank 1;cg_drawgun 1;cg_autoreload 0" bind 2 "weaponbank 2;cg_drawgun 1;cg_autoreload 1" bind 3 "weaponbank 3;cg_drawgun 1;cg_autoreload 0" bind 4 "weaponbank 4;cg_drawgun 1;cg_autoreload 0" bind 5 "weaponbank 5;cg_drawgun 1;cg_autoreload 0" bind 6 "weaponbank 6;cg_drawgun 1;cg_autoreload 0" bind 7 "weaponbank 7;cg_drawgun 1;cg_autoreload 0" bind
  17. well im having a lot problems playing on the server fps dropping a lot cause my image to run like in slow motion hard to hit aiming as well my normal ping is 35 to 40 but sometimes goes to 150/160 i tested other server not a fa server and still play normaly id love to continue to play on your server but iff this continuo i will be force to look another server to play
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