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Good people, not just good players.




Until F|A, I had never been in a gaming clan. Never wanted to, ever.


Reason being, all I ever saw of clans was competitiveness to prove who was the best in the clan, and so on.


When I began playing on F|A servers back in August, I saw none of that. That's when I decided to join the forums. In all the years of playing W:ET, this was the first clan I'd not gotten any bad vibes off (but please, I don't mean to offend any of our clan friends in other clans!)


Since being invited to F|A, I have learned an important, and satisfying fact about the clan as a whole.


This community is about good people, not good players. Sure, we have some excellent players, but that's not what makes them F|A material. It's their persona that makes them F|A material.


Consider this - Most clans higher admins are all the 'pro' gamers of the clan. The ones who prove they're a good show off to other players get to be higher up.. Whilst the ones not so proficient, dwindle in lower ranks. But not here.


I - without shame nor a care in the world - can honestly say, i'm a poor gamer. I don't really have the right aptitude for it, but I enjoy it nonetheless. But just because I suck at getting frags or a good K/D ratio doesn't mean I'm not F|A material. F|A don't care about how many frags you can make, as long as you are a decent person with good intentions.


Through my input to the clan when and where I can, I have proudly earned level 11, which is as high as a standard member can go. After that it's only staff / co-leader / leader. And yes, I still suck in-game! But clearly, this doesn't matter to F|A. As long as I'm respectful and helpful, and do what I can to support the community as a whole, I get acknowledged for it. And that's how it should be.


So I guess what I'm saying really is, F|A is perfect for me. And it's perfect for any good person with the best intentions. F|A want quality people, not necessarily quality gamers.. And thus, I actually feel I can fit in here, and do my bit, without letting you guys down be being sucky in-game. For this, I thank you all.


I hope this message can go out to others thinking of applying. Providing you are a good honest person, i assure you, you will love the ride!

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@dare - I didn't realise it wasn't! I wondered why some comments were red :P LOL - fixed.


Thank you for the comments guys :) <3 you all!

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not entire true but ok i get your pointi do my best to be also nice guy on forums, and i am a rater


+1. I have seen many decent raters but the general ratio of bad vs good is 90:10 and off course it's personal observation without any concrete evidence.

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Oly, this is just a general rule of thumb - I know many raters who I regard as friends :) A lot of you are decent people too.. but clans based on ratings just don't have the same appeal as a clan such as F|A, to me. That's all :) I have nothing against raters in general, just the stereotypes..


I mean no offence to those this doesn't apply for :)

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Yes that is what makes this clan work, when most other gaming clans fall apart quickly. Most of us are medium-skilled, not pro and never will be for variety of reasons. Some of us have sucky computers and don't have money for nice ones, some of us are old, some have language barriers, and some people have the advantages but don't have the time or motivation to become pro.


But we like each other, for the most part we tolerate each other's many personality quirks too. In game we watch each other's backs, I'm not playing ET hoping to geta higher K/D ratio than the next guy but making sure everyone has fun so the servers stay full. And there is a vast amount to learn and share from each other by continuously reading and interacting on the forums.

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Just saw this post.


+1 from me. I was nodding my head in agreement the entire time I was reading this, as it mirrors my experience too.


+1 one for the additional comments too... I agree with all of them!



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Just saw this post.+1 from me. I was nodding my head in agreement the entire time I was reading this, as it mirrors my experience too. +1 one for the additional comments too... I agree with all of them!Thanks!



Thanks Grim :D Glad you took the time to read!

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Excellent post chuckun. In my years playing et for instance there have been many a time Ive been kicked from 'pro' servers for asking a question, or accidentally tking someone during gameplay ect. Fundamentally, we all play this game among others because we as individuals have a darn good time, its fun. When I first started scrimming, and pubbing on the pro servers I began to develop that jerkoff mentality of the elitists and it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I realized I was taking my hobby a little too seriously - I was becoming the type of player I despised.

The pursuit of fun is something that is lost among the 'elitists'. If your aim is not so great, if you move improperly, fail to secure docs or take the docs to beach instead of the radio transmitter were grounds for being kicked on some servers.. I'm sure some of us (myself included) have been spammed on console 'gtfo noob' countless times.. and I wonder if that is why a lot of these servers you see on the console are populated by bots instead of humans these days.

It's refreshing to know that there still are gaming communities such as fa that adhere to fun and carnage as opposed to cynical judging of an individuals playing abilities, where gamers treat each other as humans instead of kobolds.

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