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  1. Toggle

    I'm confused, why would this need to be a toggle and not just a straight bind? I must be missing something...been forever since I wrote cfgs, so I must be missing a detail here...
  2. frag on !!

    He always comes back, just when you least expect it (kinda like me?) Check ya later UGD, find some gold for me while you're out there!
  3. Enemy Territory Servers ??

    That's a great description right there! and another plus: There's always crazy people who pop in now and then on any server.
  4. Thanks - much love from the Nerf

    Nerfy likes warm slots I'd love to join in a Night of Annihilation, that would be awesome!!! Must remember to stock up on beer!
  5. Thanks - much love from the Nerf

    Nerfy feels loved! Thanks guys, great to be around, not often maybe, but when I can anyway. Cheers to FA for running a great clan and great servers!! You guys are doing a great job!!
  6. Thanks - much love from the Nerf

    Yeah, did that a while back: http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/7727-teh-nerf-has-arrived/
  7. Pic of the Day 03.0411

    The "afro painter" was Bob Ross!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks - much love from the Nerf

    Good point, many F|A may not know who I am. Here's a little history: I am Nerfherder, years ago I was the first American in the restructured dow^ and then later founded .bb. with Halfcracked and MobLord. Those of you who know our history will recognize that both dow^ and .bb. were allied clans with you and about half of the old .bb. are now F|A members. We (dow^, .bb. , F|A) all have (or had) the same anti-cheating rules and general respect for all players mentality. Cheers!
  9. Good people, not just good players.

    That's what makes a great clan, for sure. F|A is one of the best!
  10. Hey guys, I just wanted to say thanks for the "clan friend" status on the etpub server, I'm always happy to help out with any little admin commands I can (like !spec999 or whatever). I was playing quite a bit the last 2 days and was able to help when some clan members were not as their levels weren't set up on that server. Anyway, if any clan members were freaked out that I have a few commands, sorry for that, and for the rest Thanks again!
  11. I'm a _!

    He went willy wonka on your ass!!
  12. I'm a _!

    It was a good answer, I was thinking the sixth class might be "Suicidal Stoner" but I could be wrong...
  13. I'm a _!

    wait...what else is there? I seem to be missing the sixth class that he plays the rest of the time...
  14. I'm a _!

    Engie mostly, but I switch around a bit lately.
  15. Objective Oriented Play

    SUICIDAL ENGIES FTW!!!!! There, that should get the point across