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Hello, Im FARTZ


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Hello all,


My name is Vincent, im 27 years old and live in Belgium. My username is FARTZ and I love playing games and esports. I have 2 lovely daughters who also love to play games or watch me suck at it! My hobbies are football (soccer) and gaming. When im not playing football or doing stuff with my kids, Id love to go play on my console or PC, with a slice of pizza.. Yeah I love pizza :D.

Whats up with me and gaming? Well I play games since I was around 6 years old and still playing. I loved gaming so much that I started my own esports team back in 2010, called Team WinFakt!. Fighting at the top of CS1.6 and LoL I know what it is to be a competitive guy. I love to win, but dont mind that much if we lose. Learn from your mistakes and do better next time!! So we can go eat pizza after our win!!!!

I used to play allot of ET/cod2 with my friends, but then we decided to buy a console. From time to time I kept playing games like ET, CSS, COD2/4, CSGO on my PC. I recently reinstalled ET and COD2, and damn, I still love those games! 

Well I hope you guys get to know me more and I get a chance to play with you guys. If you need to know some more about me, just hook me up with your questions and I will answer them ASAP.

Have a nice day everyone!

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Hey welcome to forums man! you live in Belgium but are you belgian? 🤔

See you around and I hope you having a good time on servers! 😎

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