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Whats up guys, I recently built a new PC. I dont know if there has been another post, but is there anyway to transfer my ET files from one computer to another or do I have to create a new profile and get admin lvl again. 

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You should be cable to transfer ur game, from  pc to pc . What about put into a extern disk .. And i recommend to save ur old etkey and silent datfile .. send it to ur own email..  just in case 🙂


Maybe some have other solutions , so dont rush :-9

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Just get a USB key or an external hard drive and copy your wolf:et folder. Whats important is your silent.dat and etkey like leatherface said. Make sure you save those at least to keep your admin level and XP.

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I backup my ETMain folder, it has all the maps and FA mods. There are a few files you don't need, but I'm not home to look at mine to tell you which ones, sadly. You can open 2 Windows explorer windows to compare and see which ones got written to the new ETMain folder.

However, once you reinstall ET, you can restore that backup to the new ETMain folder and not have to re-d/l all the maps. Plus, keep your ETKey and Silent.dat separate so you can over write the new ones.

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He is on Silent#1 right now and it seems that his etkey file got through the transfer okay, his Silent.dat file did not survive the trip.  Uh, maybe not the etkey, either???





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