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Robots develop secret language. Experiment is shut down.


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So i was talking to a buddy today who told me about these 2 robots who were being trained for some sort of hightech negotiating software by Facebook and developed there own secret language. After that the experiment was shut down out of fear for what might happen next. This is the beginning of Westworld man! We live in such interesting times. Unbelievable.




Pooping Bear 

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I remember reading up on this before - sounds scary but it is made to sound a lot more freaky than it is. 


Still a fun idea though.

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On 7/20/2018 at 12:58 AM, Mypos said:

was shut down out of fear for what might happen next.

it wasnt shut down because of fear but becaue the target of the experiment was missed 💡but the frankenstein interpretation headlines "facebook stops AI ... out of control" and stuff sound more thrilling for the media ofc :D

anyway very interesting!

i read that over time, the AI managed to obfuscate its own goals by pretending to the interlocutor not to be interested in an object, only to get it later. In other words, the AI has learned to lie.


"sci-fi is real" 🤖

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It's not that the robots are speaking gibberish that scares us, it's what they're saying (and probably knowing we don't know).

Reminds me of Ultron. They tried to destroy one of his robots thinking it would destroy him. By the time they did he had just commandeered another, halfway around the world.

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