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  1. I love the map Smiley! My favorite version of all "Streets of RatSpitaly" maps, thank you for your effort!
  2. Greetings form Oregon Mat! Herr RatSpit here, I have felt the strength of the FORCE in you...it is strong with you young Jedi, always nice to see you in game. Best Regards Eric.
  3. It would look pretty nifty as the "clanker." in the center of a wind chime I think.
  4. It was a nade of supernatural 1337ness. Loved it!
  5. Hey there Catalepsy I have been playing here for 4-5 months, mostly Silent1 some Hardcore. See you around chum!
  6. That was soooo cool I loved the music you chose. Truly a sweet nugget of a video!
  7. Cortex. Been a long time since I was Cortexulated. Some players were asking today about Adler and Fuel dump. Did they get taken off? Oh and Falcon as well I would love to see it on Silent1. Thank You for your consideration. RatSpit.
  8. Cheap "Yellow Tail," Australian Cab. Not too shabby in truth.
  9. Ahhh Hell You folks! Thank you for the warm welcome. Will explore around the forum and figure out how to apply.
  10. Hi I play on Silent1 and Hardcore servers as RatSpit. I have been providing comic relief to those who can aim for several months now. Several F|A have suggested that I should join forum, thank you for the invite folks. My name is Eric I am 53. ET is really the only gaming I do, started playing ET with my brother when it was released, whew what a long strange adventure its been. Things about me...I am a Handyman, the love of my life is "Mo," 5 year old Aussie Shepherd, I enjoy camping and gold prospecting.

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