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  1. RatSpit

    3 word story

    where schmetterlings flutter
  2. RatSpit

    3 word story

    weaponized centipedes are.
  3. RatSpit

    3 word story

  4. HI Jason! I have seen you on silent1 and Hardcore I think? Welcome here to the forum. Pride... fun player been enjoying you at server, Best Regards RatSpit aka Eric.
  5. Hi there Gunner4u...I have seen you on the servers a bit, observed your haxrobatics first hand. I hope to frag you to smithereens soon >8 ] I have only been around here since maybe April or May, welcome back to the F|A!
  6. Tram, Cortex, and Stargate I love those 3 but I do not know this Siege_Final.
  7. RatSpit

    3 word story

    only lime Skittles.
  8. RatSpit

    3 word story

    concentration gradient of
  9. RatSpit


    Sorry for your loss. I truly understand I lost my father April 30. Best Regards RatSpit. And...CONGRATULATIONS on getting married!
  10. RatSpit

    3 word story

    slap m00ji's tushy.
  11. RatSpit

    3 word story

    made into sandwiches
  12. RatSpit

    3 word story

    gently swirling hypnoticly
  13. RatSpit

    3 word story

    clouding my eyes.
  14. RatSpit

    3 word story

    sidestepped a comet!
  15. A couple of years back I had tremendous fun playing with some of the >RC| folks, I can not remember if it was on their server or ETF server or =OF=Old Farts or where...ffs me janky old brain >8 D Anyways I had quite a "HUGE," ET crush on Shotgun Sally. Not ashamed to share it either : D...Soo Sally if you see this I hope you remember =OF=Critter <3!

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