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  1. RatSpit


    ALL awesome gifs! But the lady using her kids to work out with! Parenting skills BABY! Parenting skillz
  2. RatSpit


    https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=gVmvq8Tt&id=CBBB1C5B8117F4866A90B90347162CDF07FDAE91&thid=OIP.gVmvq8TtnBZ9fu3sUCdesgAAAA&mediaurl=https%3a%2f%2fthumbs.gfycat.com%2fCommonFlakyCornsnake-size_restricted.gif&exph=250&expw=445&q=aussie+shepherd+gif&simid=608021012165757163&selectedIndex=16&ajaxhist=0 Here is the kind of thing I contend with daily Be kind ,sorry for the extra click...I am an old caveman.
  3. RatSpit

    3 word story

    bursting with excitement!
  4. RatSpit

    3 word story

    populated with cupcakes
  5. I saw Spear of Destiny mentioned at top of page. The only version I played had a secret room in the sky. Very, very high in the sky. Caused a lot of players to b*** and whine. I however did enjoy the map http://wolfenstein4ever.de/index.php/downloads/viewdownload/16-rtcw-maps/623-password-2-mp Password one of my old favorites. I have not seen it here at F|A.
  6. RatSpit

    3 word story

    in all minds
  7. RatSpit

    3 word story

    genuine Muskrat love?
  8. RatSpit

    3 word story

    diminutive, fragile, ornate
  9. RatSpit

    3 word story

    in the video
  10. Hi there 313's Finest! I recently saw you silent1, looking forward to showing you my knife, then stealing your pants. Have a groovy day see you on the server!
  11. RatSpit

    3 word story

    covered in sticky
  12. RatSpit

    3 word story

    constipated Sperm Whale
  13. RatSpit

    3 word story

    delicately licked off
  14. RatSpit

    3 word story

    is simply impossible
  15. RatSpit

    3 word story

    to BOLDLY fondle

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