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  1. r3wind3r

    Free view

    the problem could be that mouse 2 is kind of a double click, so it does moveup and then goes back to initial state. so try to bind a second key. for example /bind M +moveup , then you can go to free lock using tze M key
  2. r3wind3r

    Free view

    for me its the space key
  3. the truth is out there ....
  4. Im up for jay2 as well although i also like to play the fast game on jay3 if there are no kamikaze knife spammers Unfortunately jay2 has less players mostly or even none but its worth hangin around there a bit and usually more people will join after a while. while jay1 has often too many players i want to encourage anybody here to visit jay2 more often dropping the line /connect jay2.clan-fa.com:27960 in jay1 chat might be useful from time to time
  5. just left jay3 again... too much poison knife spam. shooting 30 bullets right onto knifer after i got hit but no damage at all... no focus on team or object but on knife only.. boooooring
  6. Hello Welcome on the forums!
  7. there is an update(?) of the map fa_2tanks_b1 on jay2. the b.ots arent moving so i guess the waypoints are missing.
  8. what i always wanted to ask: why is the word bot censored on jay1?
  9. Happy Birthday. It's never too late
  10. open the cfg file with a text editor like "textwrangler" and search for the values you want to change and save that file. before looking into the cfg you can change the values via console and restart the game to see if theyre even stored in your cfg: open console and type /s_volume 1 to change the sound volume to 1 about the other values somebody else might have to tell you since im not sure what values youre talkin about. update: posted this at the same time the last post was made so i didnt take the last post into account

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