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  1. I noticed on this page it still says Jaymod though Fun#1 has become n1tmod server: Server Name: =F|A= FUN #1 Server IP: fun1.clan-fa.com:27960 Mod: Jaymod https://fearless-assassins.com/enemyterritory-servers.html And i miss an important thing about n!tmod: LEAN AND SHOOT this server cvar could be changed: g_weapons 256 : Allow players to fire while leaning (1st person view and 3rd person animation are modified if this option is enabled) link for the n!tmod cvars: http://etmods.net/nitmod_cvars.php
  2. why is graverob back in cycle? it was hated and downrated so much before it was removed and is so chewy since allies never have a chance on such a crowded server. i think we need a general poll for all maps on forum to see which ones people like most or somehow bring the in-game up/down vote results here.
  3. jay3 offline https://fearless-assassins.com/enemyterritory-servers.html
  4. r3wind3r

    3 word story

    thought the same so i felt adding "oh my god" perfectly fits maybe start over again or somebody has to sum up. the start was very funny but i cant catch up on 80 pages
  5. it wasnt shut down because of fear but becaue the target of the experiment was missed but the frankenstein interpretation headlines "facebook stops AI ... out of control" and stuff sound more thrilling for the media ofc anyway very interesting! i read that over time, the AI managed to obfuscate its own goals by pretending to the interlocutor not to be interested in an object, only to get it later. In other words, the AI has learned to lie. "sci-fi is real"
  6. n!tmod is a new TDM instant respawn server which will hopefully attract new players soon and make people who dont care about teamplay and object switch to this server. I'd appreciate jay1 being EU server for everybody to have a better ping. But i think that has been discussed somewhere else before. I'd love to have a hardcore jaymod server where objective and teamplay is a must. The poll of this topic shows that this server is not gonna be empty
  7. once antirush is added we could add this map on jay2 also.
  8. confirmed and they waste arty while the axis b.ots only try to get to the allies base that way it seems. @Buckwild can you fix the waypoints for the bots here?
  9. is there no antirush on the new bremen version or is it just very shortened? the antirush prevented the allies from winning this map too easily. though waiting for the object to becomne free like on braundorf , et_beach and some other maps is quite boring. more objectives like barriers or something would be better imo. @Smileyyy @Buckwild you two are the only active people with the experience in editing maps afaik what do you think about changing teuthonia. The second barrier of that map should really be moved or another respawn area for allies closer to that barrier should be all that map needs to make it more fair. Is that quickly done?

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