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  1. Unfortunately it seems nobody plays, according to player history stats on game tracker. I was playing for several days but ended up leaving since I was the only one on.
  2. You should probably close this server. I've been the only active player for days now, hoping somebody else would show up. Now I'm already burned out with the boredom, which leaves it with 0 active players. I hope you're not wasting donation money on this ...
  3. Stalvern just chilling in the floor.
  4. An entry to the wall of shame. Major Stalvern let us all down. The only one left, AFK next to the regroup. Had to restart the round.
  5. The game glitched out and I ended up with a ... participation ribbon? If Day of Infamy was an RTS game:
  6. We interrupted some Americans enjoying some ... "RNR" @RedAngel had a bit too much to drink. And another one: Stalvern's Epic Tilt
  7. Obviously not a character from the shows, but damn ....
  8. It's not that the robots are speaking gibberish that scares us, it's what they're saying (and probably knowing we don't know). Reminds me of Ultron. They tried to destroy one of his robots thinking it would destroy him. By the time they did he had just commandeered another, halfway around the world.
  9. When measuring intelligence, it's estimated that this guy was among the top IQ's in history ... second only to Albert Einstein. A significant loss indeed. This guy will be missed.
  10. I'm definitely gonna be there. It'll be 6 AM for me though.
  11. Skin Helmet? Well, Timmy, I hear they're always hiring at the IHOP: So THIS is why he had a ghost squad!
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