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Hi there!


My name is Miro and my nickname is Mirqli. I'm 21 year old guy from Finland and I'm currently studying in Police University College. I've been playing ET for 10 years and still can't get enough of it. I've led few clans and teams and run few servers in the past. I've got pretty much experience of trickjumping and competitive gaming in addition to public gaming. I've been playing lately with my old ETPro team tag (aMales'). Some of you may remember me from couple years back when I used to play alot on Jay2, nowadays I'm mostly fragging on Recruiting. Some of you may also remember me of my Trickjump movies (Check here) so I got some moviemaking experience aswell. I'm currently clanless and Exploid has been harrasing me to get me to apply and now I've decided to do so. To me FA seems to be one of the few stable clans left in ET and I would like to be part of it. See you in the battlefield! :)



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