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I will miss u Guys


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(...) I found a job, and now I will be focusing at this and maybe I'll be able to do something with my real life ....

I would like to recover what I lost by my stupidity - my life, my love, my freedom, myself

Im not gona play with u as often as i did it before but i will try to be on during the weekends and ill try to be on vent every evening....(...)



Using the occasion of this topic I would like to thank you all...so much time I spend with you, enjoying game having fun and talking about everything ( specially I love that sex talk on vent muuhahahaha ) ..I have many friends here and SOME PPL I AM REALLY CLOSE TO and I am really happy that I know you all


DD => U and Joe was the first people I spoke to on this sever ... U r my Master and I am grateful to you for everything you do / done for me (all that talking with u on xfire sometimes gave me big relief when I was depressed ) and for = F | A =

I still have hope for that "thing" (about poland) will happen soon. I would really <3 that


Joe => u r my love and u know that ... u r an amazing guy and I regret that I live so far away from u cuz I will abuse u a long time ago babe lol ... btw I still have ur pic muhahahah v846 <3 JoeDirt


Fem => fem fem fem what can i say about u = u r my twin sis from different mother and i love u so much u r my biatch and u always will be... i will never forget the moment i joined u and joe on vent for the 1st time :D U was screaming " She really is a girl " and spam that on main chat in game.. we r so close to each other siostra <3


Rainier => Żywiec & Tyskie,Cycki & "Chrząsz brzmi w trzcinie w Szczebrzeszynie a Szczebrzeszyn z tego słynie" and many many polish words i was trying to teach u ... we talk about politic,war, carnavals, girls, sex, movies, money, troubles, racism, even about the national hymns and i enjoy it cuz u r super smart guy and i hope u will never change...P.S: say hi to ur gf from me :


Skully => Dave my <3… We had a crisis between us but now everything is back to normal and u r my friend like u used to be... we have so much in common... and i know that i can type to u with any problem i have and u will be there for me to help me or just to say some good words to cheer me up... i <3 u my friend and i believe in u hun …. !pants skull


Tash => mi amor ur my baby girl and i <3 talking with u ... ur great and amazing girl...damn i dunno what to type cuz everything i wana say to u im saying on vent or skype.... damn uuuuuuuuuu and give me that smile :D ... yo quiero mucho nena


Chuck => chucky my sexy spanish teacher i hope we gonna continue our lessons in future cuz i would love to learn spanish... i still have our lessons recorded form vent and ill keep them and practice on my own so one day we will talk only in spanish... te amo


Yoyo => i adore u habibi and im really happy that u join us and became part of our family. Its always fun to talk with u and i will always keep u ( and ur sexy voice ) in my mind <3


Medic => I hate u so much my Friend :D i really enjoy our spam on xfire when we spend ur whole shift in work listen music from yt and talk about life.... all i say is "Phil Collins Cant turn back the years" and i hope u will know all <3


w0nder => my sexy momma...Rawr... i hope i will see u one day irl girl.. maybe in Amsterdam maybe in Seatlle... ha ha ha <3 u girl


Thundercun t => WWWAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAA "Thundercunt Is my PIMP and im His HOE" lolz i still own u few $ :D... damn u r special guy and i <3 u ...u can tell to ur gf that –“This polish girl i used to speak with on vent loves me and she say hi to u


F257 know to me as Francis => like i said before u r unique 4 me... and even if i laugh about essays i read them all with pleasure ( look at me right now this is essay lolz)


Phantom => u ass LOL u want me to put u there so i did muhahaha ... remember be good to ur girl cuz shes a devil in angel body ha ha... and damn u , we need to talk more - not U screaming to me from other part of house ffs...join us sometimes on vent u lazy ass !! muaks


Husa => my annoing bosnian friend ( hahahaha j/k) i hate ur spam but i <3 ur fresh mind..


Warninja - u handsome sonofabiatch u know i love to talk with u...


Fifth ... Dariuszu ... wiesz ze dla mnie to czysta przyjemnosc grania z toba i nasze wojny na noze... ciesze sie ze w tak krotkim czasie "doszedles" tak wysoko w F|A zycze ci powodzenia


Methuselah => (...)I've got a confession and I think you wont mind I kinda liked when you put it in my behind I don't know baby I'm no Sodomite Can't we just try it again tonight?(...) singing with u on vent is amazing i hope we will sing more often


Morb!d => The itsy-bitsy spider

Climbed up the water spout

Down came the rain

And washed the spider out

Out came the sun

And dried up all the rain

And the itsy-bitsy spider

Climbed up the spout again

I hate u cuz of u i have that song in my mind all the time u kangaroo humper


Mexicano,Smee, hacken,Narugo,Jeff , fbi ,Dj, Saizou, PETER,Shawn, Savage, hotstepper,Yamma,onion,sushi, NANI,hulk, thumperka and all from nq , jay2 and hc one big <3 and !hug 4 u



To all => If i did not mention in this list about U doesn’t mean that you are not someone important to me...that only means =>apparently i was not able to open and sincere talk with u about my real life ....


Love u all



XoXo Baska => yours #1 admin abuser

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i love u too.. mucho mucho.... yea look at me like that :rolleyes: baby i like it.... gets me hotttttttttt... suavemente basame que quiero sentir tus labios besandome otra vez.......:wub:

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First of all i want to say i love you too :) i only get angry to the ppl i love, otherwise i dont give a shit so why bother :P


I'm happy you found a job , i hope it will bring more then money in your life

But remember, job wont be 24/24 so u'll be on ET, Forums, or Xfire with big smile before and after work xD


Im happy and proud of you babe !



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will miss u much baska u will still always be round on vent wont you ,

oh btw dont forget your faverite song while your out of action and i cant remind you of it .

i will write the full version out for you if ya like

u will neva forget it ,, here il start it off xDD


incy wincy spider climbed up the wrong spout :o

bahahaha you finish it





all the best wishes MoRB :yahoo

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The rl is first, you gonna have time for the other things..

To be honest I only know a 1% of you but that's enough to say you're an awesome person, really funny and trying to get my ass on vent everytime haha.. (I remember when you call me an ass, I'll come back for ya!! :D)

I'll miss you..


Take care, have fun!!

All the best wishes!!


!hug Baska



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will miss u baska, I really enjoyed pwning u in our knife wars :P


Polamania nog w nowej pracy, mam nadzieje ze szybko sie w niej zaklimatyzujesz i znajdziesz troche czasu na gre. Pozdrawiam :)

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We will miss you Baska. But at least you can still play on the weekends right? =D. Without you vent is empty !!! (you attract people with ur sex chat lol :yahoo!!!!! )

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