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  1. Happy Birthday WaRnInJa!

  2. Next stop Dallas, Texas... Soon..

    1. GraveDigger


      thats the area that i am from. Have a great time in Dallas.

  3. You so ugly, money is so handsome...

  4. Getting ready for battlefield 3 coming up!!!!

  5. La verdadera verdad es mentira.. lol.

  6. I hate the smell of paper money... It gives me allergy when I touch it...

    1. Corey


      I bathe in paper money :)

  7. It's impossible to describe the moment of creation in human language...

  8. “If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right, you'll probably never do much of anything.”

    1. Achiyan


      yoooo....where tha hell you been?

  9. Wth they updated fb again? Looks different on my evo..

  10. Just write down here want you want me to get you for Xmas... Only one item!!

  11. Just got my Nikon d3100 14.2 keywords digital slr camera... Black. 18-55mm vr lens.. so happy.. I'll post a pic later on I just got it.. thinking about getting a bigger lens..

    1. PiaNist


      cool :) was Canon in your choices? it's also good

    2. Baska


      Where the f**k have u been u lil bastard .... i miss you ..

    3. Livyatan


      lol no kidding. Where were ya?

  12. hi nice to see you here

  13. Where are you? Happy Birthday!!

  14. Happy Birthday =)