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  1. What do you do while you play ET?

    almost everyone does the same. I watch tv, talk to someone on xfire, drink some soda, and cry cuz i get killed so muchhhh... when mew is on, he doesnt let me play cuz he talks too much lol
  2. No pockets on my undies, but I'm wearing my tool belt, which hold an staple gun, hammer, tape measure, scissors and grey tape (just doing some home decor)
  3. What song are you listening to right now?

  4. Ruin a wish

    Granted, but now you have no arms and your mouth is sewn shut, your blunt keeps burning catching your house on fire and your beer was expired. I wish yoyo and naman quit fighting and get married.
  5. Website Welcome to new updated forums!

    i like it. good job....... agree with u baska.. im lost too... lol..
  6. Kick

    sounds good.. i like that idea...
  7. google

    lol good one
  8. =F|A= Old Farts

    lol well phantom is over 35 so he's an old fart too... one more to your group guys... im only 21.. and yea phantasm agree with u some girls like older men... :P

    lol :yahoo:yahoo
  10. Reason I've been away.

    Congratulations. Cute baby. Enjoy been a dad.
  11. Moving

    good luck girl...
  12. et dance

    nice moves... lol
  13. Putting my life back in order

    i'm gonna miss u a lot, but yea is better to pay attention to real real.. hope everything goes fine for u..