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    mmm i like cash i play sports go out an party all night an inbeetwen im shooting everyone down on wolfen.ET haha and BEING sxy with other sxy people !!!
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  1. Happy Birthday .:MoRB!D=-!

  2. Happy Birthday .:MoRB!D=-!

  3. Happy Birthday BuNGHoLE!

  4. Happy Birthday .:MoRB!D=-!

  5. can anyone help me i used to make my sigs upload them to imageshack.com and use the url to upload my signatures these days this doesnt work is there any other ways i can do it ? thanks
  6. theres a few things ive done hope you like,The morbid one
  7. i am the morbid one i love my arts , mainly aerosol i will have to show everyone some stuff i done with the spray cans , but i have another little hobby i make signatures but not ordinary computer graphics (dont mind the spelling , no spellchecks on here haha) mine are custom made signitures i will display a few i have made and if anyone is interested please post on here along with a few basic colours and even maybe a theme to follow and make life a bit easier on my creative brain , i have made a few for some of our older member and i will display some work i have done for everyone to see i have progessed with my abillities a biut since my older ones aswell and changed my style around a bit so my newer sigs finish alot cleaner anyways if u like lets me know and weel se what i can do for you , peace , The morbid 0ne! the morb!d one.bmp F257.bmp husa.bmp hecken.bmp morb!d dom..bmp
  8. LOL i dont think i could do the MREs lmao im a weetbix an mm kid myself too hahaha love my fresh foods to much
  9. thanks eveyone and love ya baska its been so long i forgotten my nursery rhymes haha we gonna have to have a vent sesh soon for old tyms haha and im looking forward to venting and playin with everyone else to
  10. my girlfriend does theatrical makeup and shes gonna do some latex cuts and abrassions and dress me up like a slashed up rezident evil zombie .
  11. hey whats up i used to play all the time ,i am the morbid one i have recently started playin again and visit the forum s after a long time away from computers i am/was an et member but have no skills anymore so dont judge me to i get back into top gear love to hear from everyone new since i left end everyone i used to play with and chat to , thanks people much love

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