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I need advice on a new celphone


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OK, I have had a celphone since the mid 90s, and I have slipped out of touch with the newest technology. I can feel your disappointment. Anyway, my current phone is a POS that drops calls and beeps two days after I receive a text message or voicemail, and my T-Mobile contract is up so I can get a new one that doesn't suckbutt.


I had a Sprint phone ten years ago and it was absolutely awful, and I upgraded to a newer Sprint phone in 2001, and it was still awful, so I won't give Sprint my money again. I went to T-Mobile in 2003 and they were OK compared to Sprint so I stuck with them.


I want a phone with a keyboard a 40-year old man can use, not one with keys so tiny they are almost invisible. I would like to be able to type email and surf the web and buy and sell stocks from anywhere with a phone in my pocket. I don't want to lug around a netbook when I start my new job in January. I need something I can use discretely.


I want one that can store at least 10 or 20 gigs of music too as I have a lot of music.


I know some have operating systems (Android?) but I don't know anything about them. It would be cute to play ET on my celphone. Maybe someone could write a mod for it.


Anyway, anyone have any opinions?

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if it was me, I'll get the droid phone from Verizon... but I'm gonna wait till my t-mobile contract ends. google is gonna come up with a new one that is competition for iphone from at&t... probably I'll get that one... but now i really like the droid and it will do what u want......

just my opinion :D

you can see it here

My link

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I need new cell too ASAP. Phanta which one you are going to buy? I just need one from which I can reply to e-mails.

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what ive read and from research many these days are not going with contract phones that much anymore there plans sux and cost an arm and a leg alot going with prepaid better plans for sure..

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Google phone is rather nice.


i currently have a sidekick, it has bigger keys than blackberrys and etc,,

dunno bout memory capacity, but you might wanna try new sidekick 3g.



nooo i pass on this one.... i don't recommended it.. :(

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