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  1. WIN 20141014 143657

    Lara Rouleau starring in i want candy .
  2. my3boys <3 <3 <3

    You must be proud almost grown ups ^^.
  3. Mr Galilei ( 1564- 1642) was correct !

    I think they just took a fast feather of a hawk to prove they where right know for sure a feather of a pigeon will drop slower on the moon .. Prove me wrong .
  4. If You Dont Believe in UFOs? Watch This!

    My aunt is 140 kg and she believe in jezus .
  5. Phone is awesome ^^ yesterday at my bar someone carried a s4 so we compared the phones ( i have a note 2). Other customer put down his iphone 5 in the middle only thing came in my mind was asking, dont you feel screwed by apple . He looked like he was ^^.
  6. Why woold you vote for apple you cant eat those shit computers .
  7. OMG 50

    You can have mine i gone be 51 . Congratz there are not many animals that get our age .
  8. Noble M600 track test - Top Gear - BBC

    Wow it lift off almost as fast as my bike thats a real toy . I want one .
  9. Music that rocked in the 70's.

    tHIS ONE STILL ROCKS . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSifCF8k27A
  10. Do your part

    I guess most of you dont care about pigs chicken or a calf they live in the same way nextdoor .
  11. Do you carry a firearm when they leave their home?

    If you have the right to carry firearms you loose the right to whine about children getting shot @ school , americans still think its safer to carry ^^ you shoold become catholic to and dont use condoms and just screw around . Omg i am so glad there is so mutch water between us .
  12. Formula 1, anyone watching?

    @ panini home is where your hart is .
  13. seaside