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Minecraft CAVES OH MY!


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So I just got minecraft and lagged so bad when Sugarfingers got near me.  But I loved this cave I found and died in the lava (blame Suga he lags me).  Should there be anything to do or any pointers?

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If you are suggesting for tips, I would say build a sturdy house with all the basic essentials including a furnace and creating block near a cave and mine for ore and build stats and armor and be creative :)


Be sure to make a bed and put the bed in your house so when you die you will auto spawn near your bed. Also create alot of torches and make a skyscraper by your house and light it up, so when you are stranded at night you are able to find the location of a safe place when you have not acquired a map :)


You can search the essentials you need and the recipes online!



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If you are lagging, install the mod optifine, it helps significantly. Also, lava won't delete immediately even after you destroy the source block, it takes time, so it's easier to just cover it all with blocks and remove them to get rid of it. Make sure to have multiple furnaces to make smelting faster.

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Pits-r-us? Oh dear.  I would love to play with ya!  I'm on late evening, probably early morning your time though.


Oh, and my name is =F|A=mediumnachos, because my regular name and current alias were taken already. The name is an inside joke. :)


@DD- What does that mean? I'm so new I found out how to eat just last night.

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I'm just a little minecraft addict now. I went to bed late and couldn't get up because I was dreaming minecraft.  It's sooooooo much fun and much thanks to GI-Joe and Gun for helping me out last night. Now I have me some islands and a house and a mine filled with zombies!

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I have had that same probablem with items.

Try reconnecting, the items should be able to be picked up after that.

Also type /sethome at your home so that anytime you can type /home to teleport to that exact spot.

/warp marketplace is another handy teleport (tp), along with /warp spawner.

/list tells you who is on and who is AFK.

That's about all I have to tell A new Minecraft player.

I look forward to playing with you! :)

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Is your name DrDagger in game?  And I went to spawner yesterday, but I did not have permission.  I don't know why there are these spawns but when you get there you don't have permission to use them.

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The spawner I told you about will slowly spawn random mobs that will then fall into a place where you can kill them.

The other spawners have problems, and so I only use the normal spawner.

The chests by the spawner are for the maker of it, and you can just ignore them.

(I am not sure if it is ok to take from the chest at the enderman spawner, it has some good stuff, but it isn't claimed.)

My Minecraft account name is DoktrEvoctr. I keep forgeting to make my nick Drdagger,

which is my normal gamer-name.

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