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  1. Drdagger

    Minnesota Burns

    So I was just sitting there watching COD trolling videos, when all of a sudden I realize that there's an FA member in the video. I haven't seen Fuz much since I don't play call of duty, (I don't even know if this is where I should be posting this.) but I thought it was funny that he's sitting through a rage fight getting a lot of kills. (If you notice he kills Burnsy a lot.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llt1eM2YH0Y
  2. I never thought of accents being a factor, I don't really care what someone is speaking, as long as I can understand it.
  3. So I noticed that out of all of the FA servers, each VERY busy, there still seems to be barely anyone on teamspeak. COD4 and Minecraft have a goo damount of people on their teamspeak, but not ET, even though it takes up the vast majority of the FA servers. I personally don't use teamspeak with ET because I usually can't tell what's a vsay and what's an actual voice, but I was wondering what the reason was with you guys. (It's probably right under my nose, I'm just curious about this.) Thanks.
  4. Happy Birthday Drdagger!

  5. I think that I'm going to wait to re-apply until Nov when I turn 18.

  6. This only happened to once, but I once encountered a field op on the aldernest roof that stayed in the 'safe zone' and spammed artillary strikes. What about that?
  7. So as we all know, the main Minecraft server has a spawner warp. This spawner used to give experience for mcmmo skills, but now it doesn't. Was this a problem? If so, does that mean that it wouldn't be okay to make your own spawner? I'm just wondering because someone had permission from Joe to make a spawner and that means that they can farm easy skills.
  8. Reading this makes me think that half of the posts are just going to be places that kill you
  9. There are multiple reasons why I would recommend buying the game ASAP. 1. Making actual accounts on the site is free, so people are taking names every second, making it nearly immpossible to have the name that you want. 2. The price IS changing, (sorry Joe) so you should try to get it as low as possible. 3. Updates are being developed 24/7, so the sooner you get it the less you need to memorize. (Letting you memorize everything else as it comes out.)
  10. It is just a console thing. Good luck with the memorizing : )
  11. Maybe we could coordinate a boxing tournament. Also maybe a horse-riding boxing tournament.
  12. Join us! Resistance is futile! All will become blocks in the end!
  13. Drdagger

    Skills reset

    I only had about three hundred mining, and even that going away was noticable. And what was it that made the server do this whole thing anyway? (Also thanks for the hard work Joe, I give you a virtual pat on the back)
  14. Drdagger

    The Road

    Wait, you want the road back? If so, from where to where should I make it?