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    Well, I am what is known as a Brony. A brony is an older male person who watches My little pony friendship is magic. I won't spam you guys about the show though :/ I also love Call of Duty 4, and yeah.
  1. Hm. 9 AM eastern time... that's 6 am for me. You posted at 9:25 my time... That sets you 7 hours ahead of the time there. It should be around 4 PM where you live when it runs. 16:00 if you don't run on AM PM. I might be wrong though.
  2. Dddrgn

    Seven Years

    Do it, it actually gets really entertaining. I would love to blow you up over and over.
  3. Dddrgn

    Seven Years

    I've been playing cod4 for years, since before I even got an Xbox. So... probably around 2008 or 2009. Wow, that's insane...
  4. Nobody can tell you what plugins we are running? That's surprising honestly. I'm sure you can find some good tutorials on hosting servers though. Here: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+host+a+dedicated+cod4+server
  5. Don't bump old threads please, this one hasn't been posted in in years. Also, we have a CS:GO server.
  6. Dddrgn

    hey all

    Yep, he said it right. You cannot play on our servers from a playstation, sorry about that. It only works with PC copies of the game.
  7. I'm excited to see what they come up with. I just hope it stays true to the two previous games.
  8. That's kind of annoying situation, hope you can make the best of it and be on whenever possible. See you in game!
  9. Man, that really stinks... I wish you the best of luck with your surgery and hope there is no permanent damage!
  10. That sounds tricky to pull off, especially since each new device logging into the account would need a code sent to the email to log in. Also, you can only have one person logged in at a time.
  11. Dddrgn


    I'm waiting until I start working for my new job, then I'll have money and I'm definitely buying it!
  12. Dddrgn

    COD 4 free or not?

    The m16 and the ak47 are honestly two of the best weapons in the game, so I suggest using those. Just make sure not to use the red dot on the ak.
  13. Dddrgn

    COD 4 free or not?

    Cod4 is still active on PC for a reason. MW2 and Black ops not so much. It's a good game with (mostly) good map design and weapon balance. Yes, it has it's campers and people love to use cheap tactics, but they aren't that hard to take down.
  14. Yes, I did watch it. What I mean is that comparing the speed of light to minecraft and how fast you would have to travel to match it literally does nothing for us, it's just... useless information. It doesn't have anything to do with anything, since we can't use it for any thing.
  15. Science, yay! Everyone loves overcomplicated videos about videogames that literally have nothing to do with anything.

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