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Ol Smoke

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"'I think i got a pretty good chance to win this years contest , my pumpkin is this big already and its not even planted yet."

"'HahAhah .. No I don't believe you.'

"'Its true !"


"'Peanot ? Why not thanks."


"'What ?'

"'DUnno I can't remember its on the tip of my tongue.. '

"'What ?'

"'Are you sure this is a peanot ?'

"'What ?'

"'This shit is the bomb haha i cant stop laughing!'

"'PLease Sir , just tell me where is the mensroom.'

"'What ?'

"'I have to pea.'


"'It is ! '

"'No You are nuts bro !'

"'This Big ?'

"'When the race gonna start ?'

"'I heard number 14 had best laptime last month.'

"'Yea lol haha it must be a good year...'

"'Whats the main prize today?

"'A modern art urinoir for gnomes in your garden.'

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tell me what you see to show me who you are


about what i see


left guy-imagining my self holding that trophy already!!it feels good (he has that sarcastic feels good face)

obama-keep dreaming haha 

obama thinking...your engine is so fked by this time,sabotage incomming 

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