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  1. how you been mate?

  2. waste of money! I Played cs for a few days..just terrible!! well,my point of view...
  3. http://www.gamestv.org/event/50330-ibuypower-vs-fnatic/ if you enjoy this game..here it is
  4. get one with 120hz+ refreshrate...it seems like a diferent game with it using the Benq XL2420TE
  5. +Maluco.

    Do U like dogs?

    i like dogs more than i like people... i have a 5 years old Beagle mixed with Dachshund i wish i could have 10
  6. here..have your first like..end of story!
  7. im using the same mouse and tried diferent setting..using this atm dpi-450 to play and 2500 for not gaming use exactlift-100% exactaccel- 0 exactaim -10 freemove- 10 polling arte - 1000 sensibility- 2.5 windows mouse setting 5/11 mouse pad- steelseries..hard one,the soft/choth one didnt work that well using this keyboard because is smaller .using the other part separeted ...with numbers etc Buffalo -bskbu05
  8. all i can say is..thank you very much!!!For everything..

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