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  1. Here I am again, with the new 1.8 ver trying to login to and it won't let me. It says I have to have ver. 1.7
  2. Can anyone help me to find a version of this old 90's game that will work on a Windows 7 64 platform? I have downloaded two and neither one works. Thanks, Smoke
  3. I was there yesterday, all by myself. El Guapo came by for a second or two. Maybe it was before the 1.8 patch. I will check it out again today. Seems like when I took my medical leave and Mandy left, the site isn't doing so well. I will bring my charm back to COD4 and let's get that fun going again. Smoke
  4. Ol Smoke

    I am back

    Love you too, Dare. I will be here.
  5. Ol Smoke

    I am back

    I got the doctor's okay to start playing COD4 again. So I have been to the site but never find anyone there. Did it close down because I couldn't play anymore? It was probably that Spyder's fault. Anyway, I will keep logging in and hope I find someone.
  6. I have just got the okay to try playing again but I never find anyone on there. Are the glory days gone???
  7. Ol Smoke

    My Band

    Not too bad for a relic
  8. These are just small things you can do to speed it up a little. 1. Clean up your hard drive files. Double click on Computer Icon on your desktop. Right click on the C: drive. Select Disk Cleanup. Select all the boxes. Then select okay. This gets rid of a lot of junk you don't need. Especially all the error files and temporary internet files. 2. Speed up your graphics and imaging. Right click on Computer Icon on desktop. Lower left corner select performance and tools Select Adjust visual effects Under Visual Effects select Select Custom then s
  9. in the last one. JUMP ! ! ! Cops can't hit a moving target worth a shit
  10. Racist ! Why is it always a big fat lie? What has being fat got to do with lying? Do all fat people lie? Maybe I can sue over that statement and get millions of dollars for hurting my feelings
  11. You may laugh at the heading but for the last several months I have had this argument with my wife. One day, my wife is watching DirecTv on her TV and the screen screws up and then there is no picture. I am in the back of the house in my study, when she bursts in and starts yelling at me about how my computer is screwing up her TV show. With my mouth agape, I try to calm her first, then explain that the two are not connected together. She is not tech savvy at all. So I go out and reset her DTV receiver and the picture and sound work fine. Then she says this, "stay off the internet w
  12. Every time I start getting into a space show, they cancel it. Dark Matter was a great show. It was like watching "Serenity" again. Bad guys in space also doing good. Great actors and dialog. So I guess we get another evil satanic POS show to take it's place. The show went a little awry with the advent of the other people coming into our space-time and screwing things up, but the writers should have gone another direction. I wish Netflix would pick it up. It's a good show.
  13. These two adjustments to windows 7-10 will make your image much nicer and fit the screen better.
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